The Intervention

Monday, February 9, 2015

Do you ever put something off for an absurd amount of time only to discover that it was quick and easy and you feel like a fool for procrastinating?  Here is a story to illustrate this point.

I accepted a meeting invite to discuss some "new ideas for bag check" and did not give it another thought.  Friday morning came along and Thorin (in charge of HR) asked me if I would be at the 8:30 am meeting.  Ummm, yes, I replied.  And Thorin knew I forgot.  I showed up in his office at 8:30 and he said we would meet Dave (in charge of Mtn Ops) at Bag Check.  Walking through the ticket area we saw Erik (in charge of Resort Ops) and he joined us as we took a short cut through Mount Snow Sports in the Main, where we saw Dave over by the helmets.

Dave looked all serious and said to me, "this is an intervention."  Everyone was looking at me, including the guys at Bootworks.  Dave asked me if I knew what kind of intervention?  I said something like, "is this about my boots?"

Yup.  It was a ski boot intervention.  These guys know I take 3 runs and then have to go in and warm my feet.  And they have heard me whine about my cold feet and say time after time, "I am going to see Nick in Bootworks!" And then I don't.  This has been going on for at least 2 yrs.  As they escorted me up and onto the boot bench they said they did a little research and my boots are 9 yrs old.  Wow - how embarrassing.


Almost as embarrassing as realizing I was wearing 2 different socks (calf high ladies) and that I haven't shaved my legs in, well, a very long time.  I live in VT - where do I go in a dress in the winter??  


Onto the good part.  Nick quickly measured my foot, climbed up to his boot stash and picked out some boots.  He would put one brand on my left foot and another brand on my right and let me walk around.  When we narrowed it down to what seemed to be the best fit for me, he had me walk around in a right and left.  I decided on a sweet pair of Rossi's - see photo near the bottom.


But that wasn't all, next came the boot warmers.  Nick moves quickly and with a lot of knowledge.  I asked him why he selected the boots that he had me try on.  He said my old boots were for a wider foot and he was looking for something that was not as wide.  He accomplished that because I immediately felt more support.


He warmed up my new boots so they could form fit to my feet.  I put them back on and walked around for 5 mins while they cooled off and became Kelly shaped.

Nick looked at my stance and based on that adjusted the tension at my ankle/calf area.  He walked me though every buckle, the Vibram sole and how to use my new boot warmers.  Our IT dept will tell you that I am technology challenged but with Nick's instruction I have turned my boot warmers on and off daily and even "turned up the heat" on the fly.  It is very simple.


Within an hour or two I was testing them out.  It was cold out and guess who skied from 10:30 - 2 and didn't complain about her feet?  And the big bonus is that I can ski better.  My feet are no longer sloshing around in a pair of boots that have grown a size or two over the years.


Aren't they beautiful?  While I was being fitted Nick handed me a Sharpie and had me write my name and number on the batteries in case they get lost.  Little touches like that make you a brand loyalist.

Thank you Bootworks!  Nick, Tom and the rest of the gang...I am a believer.  If you have any foot issues, I encourage you to make the time.  Your ski experience will improve, possibly it will improve dramatically, like mine has.  Now I understand why SKI Magazine named Bootworks one of the top 15 boot fitters in the country.

And a final thank you to my staff and friends Erik, Thorin and Dave.  I would still be out there, trying to ski the powder, in my big orange boots if it weren't for you.  I am already figuring out how I can pay it forward.


The intervention team waited around like I might make a run for it.  L to R:  Thorin, Dave and Erik.

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