In a Painting

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Soooo much snow in the last week! 38" since Juno on Jan 26th. Linus, Juno and a whole bunch of squalls teamed up to whip our mountain into tip-top shape, featuring wide grins everywhere you turn.  This morning we woke up to another 6" so getting on the hill was a top priority.

Photos from Thursday, Feb 5 


Our plan for the weekend is to have a bunch of "natural" snow trails groomed out for you.  Much like we did in the past two weeks.  With good depths, it is a lot easier to get our equipment on these trails.  Shootout (above) was on the list last night and was super fun today.  


Right next door, Hop was ungroomed and was one of my favorite runs of the day. Hop may get groomed out for the weekend - stay tuned.


To put the snow depths into perspective I snapped a few photos.  The stairs at Carinthia are buried, providing a walk-on deck.


Up at the summit I had to make a call for extra hands to get this door shoveled out - some of the drifts out there are pretty deep.


Over on the North Face, most terrain will remain ungroomed for experts.  Tonight we plan to groom Chute and Olympic.  Fallen Timbers was groomed last night and with 6" of freshies was skiing beautifully so we will leave it alone tonight.  On one of my rides up, Chandler told me Ripcord was his trail pick of the day.  I took his word on this!

I did not go over to Sunbrook today but both Dipper trails were groomed last night.


Overbrook and One More Time are naturals that were groomed last night.  But as you can see above, there is still powder on the sides of Overbrook.


I was talking to one of my co-workers, Tom, about his full moon cross country trek.  He told me it was so good he went out twice in one night.  He had a hard time describing how beautiful it was and finally summed it up by saying, "it was like being in a painting."  I couldn't agree more.  This entire week I have felt extremely privileged to live and work here.


I hope you can make it up soon because it is a very special time at Mount Snow.  The skiing and riding leaves you wanting for more and the landscape is, well...just stop and take a look and let me know if you find the words to describe it.


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