Carinthia Parks

Friday, January 23, 2015

Over the years I have defended Carinthia Parks in these blogs or on the passholder forum, explaining our reasons for dedicating the resources.  Today, I would like to move up to play offense and brag a little about Carinthia .

Carinthia Parks is the real deal.  When you venture over to the south side of the mountain, make sure to have a full charge because you will find yourself snapping photo after photo and just letting your camera run - it is that jaw dropping.  

From small to extra large, there is a park for every age, ability and interest.  In fact, Grommet, our small park is one of my favorites.  It has its own dedicated lift and it reminds me of the street I grew up on.  We built little ramps out of scraps of wood and went over them with our bikes, until they broke. Grommet is the same concept - full of kids just hanging out, practicing on features that are perfectly sized for improving and having fun.

This weekend, Inferno, our XL park opens with the multi-storied jumps at the bottom and next week the upper section will be built.  Mineshaft also opens today with its new build.  And our superpipe will make its debut for 2015 over the weekend.  Carinthia is always evolving and refreshing because the staff who put it all together are constantly pushing and trying new things. They are a creative team that are focused on an outstanding product and it shows - the maintenance in Carinthia Parks is best-in-show.

For those of you who have never been to Carinthia Parks, here is a sneak peak.

Wow!  That is soooo  strong.  Not only are the athletes extremely talented and innovative but you can clearly see how diverse the offeings are at Carinthia.  From the natural features in Prospector to the tribute to VT in the the Farm, Carinthia Parks offers a snowscape that brings out the kid and sense of adventure and exploration in everyone. 

I have to give thanks and credit to Dylan Demers, who shoots and edits all of the Carinthia media that is produced by Mount Snow.  This young man works in our marketing department but his real office is on the slopes of Carinthia where he has developed relationships (friendships) with skiers and riders.  His edits are as original and skillful as the athletes he is shooting.  We are lucky to have him on our team and he is another staff member that I should grab an autograph from because he is that talented - looking forward to watching his future.

I am 100% confident that Carinthia is helping to grow the sport.  I spend a lot of time over there and do a fair amount of people watching.  I see a culture and a community that has credibility.  We've all been in that place in our life (a sports team, a college group of friends, a volunteer group, a work group) when we know it is special. That feeling you get when you realize you should embrace this particular moment or period of time because it feels right and may not be replicated...maybe ever again.  That is the sense I get when I am over at Carinthia.  I figure those memories may provide enough glue to keep em' skiing.  Check it out and share your thoughts, right here, with us.

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