Impressive Trail Tally

Thursday, January 15, 2015

100% open is the goal for the weekend.  Luckily, we are almost there.

MAIN FACE - 100% open

SUNBROOK - 100% open

NORTH FACE - 100% open

CARINTHIA - as I type, everything is open except the Gulch, Superpipe and Iron Run.  And that will change in the next 48 hours.  The Gulch is schueduled to open Saturday AM with a rebuild.  That makes park #4 that has been built/rebuilt since last week.  Wondering about Inferno?  This weekend it will be open as a ski trail, no features but LOTS of snow!  And it is next on the list - stay tuned. I have been told that Iron Run will get a groom tonight so look for a rope dropping there.  Finally, the halfpipe.  This is the one trail at Mount Snow that probably won't make the MLK playlist. Still building.  Expect to see it next midweek...definetely by the Jan 24 weekend.

SNOWMAKING:  Our snowmakers have once again been elevated to super-hero status - this last run has been insane!  Did you know that our snowmakers work a 12 hour shift?  Told you they were super heroes.  Year to date, they have made snow on EVERY snowmaking trail.  In many cases we have completed round two and in some cases we have built spring depths.  In the past week they made snow on:







South Bowl (skied it Thursday - beautiful!)


Long John

Little John



Fallen Timbers



Irregular whales on Freefall will be groomed out for the weekend


Yard Sale


Tubing Hill

Thanks Walt (the upper section is ungroomed medium sized whales and the lower section is snowmaking over a nice groom)




Upper Exhibition

and the very top of One More Time



Snow plumes were bountiful this week

NATURALS:  Not to be left in the dust by a snowmaker, our grooming team has gone all out and also earned rock-star status around the mountain!  They have groomed every natural trail except Shooting Star.  They did this to break through that crusty surface left from the last snow/rain/freeze event.  And with little powder stashes from Mother Nature over the last 2 wks, the surface on our non-snowmaking trails is improving daily.  Not going to lie, there are bare spots and not all the water bars have filled in.  Take it slow, pick your path and get  your aerobic work out on some sweet tree lined naturals.  Speaking of trees, you can get back in there.

olyOlympic was sweet on Thursday!


Friday:  DJ Kanga at the Snowbarn

Saturday:  Bruce Jacques in Cuzzin's for apres ski.  

Apres 4 Kids in the Main Base Lodge 

Jeff Tuohy (if you haven't seen him, please do!  I promise he will have you on the dance floor) at the Snow Barn.

Sunday:  Bruce Jacques in Cuzzin's for apres ski.

Torchlight Parade and Fireworks

Head to the Snow Barn to see the Peter Miles Band (another one of my favorites!)

Monday:  Grommet Jam #2 over at Carinthia

I am thinking this could be the best weekend of the winter.  I will close with two "insider tips."

#1  Sundance Base Lodge does not have a lot of bus groups this weekend, just saying.

#2  Eat early, eat late and ski high noon.

See you out there!


Thursday - another bluebird day at Mount Snow

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