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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

After a solid month of eating my way through everything sweet and salty I decided to get out the snowshoes and get some exercise.  If you plan to snowshoe, skin, hike, etc on the hill you must read our Terrain Access and Uphill Travel Policy   Scroll to the bottom of our snow report and click on "more info."

Once you understand and agree to our policy, please obtain an “Uphill Travel” pass ($10 for a day pass, available in Mount Snow Sports at the Grand, or $49 for an “Uphill Travel Season Pass”, available at the Season Pass Office in the Clocktower Building.) If you are a season pasholder you will receive a complimentary “Uphill Travel” endorsement but you must go to the Season Pass Office to get it.

Here are a few tips I find helpful.

  • Dawn to dusk only - no night time access
  • Listening to music while hiking IMHO is dumb.  Your ears will help you to hear approaching snowmobiles, grooming machines, skiers and riders.  Remember, you are the one going against traffic.
  • I try to avoid blind spots.  Meaning, if I am hiking and know that I will be in a really bad blind spot, I weave over to another spot that has better visibility to traffic coming down the hill.
  • You may see snowmobile tracks up the side of the hill.  I avoid those. Our staff are trained not to snowmobile on the fresh cord so they all use a track to the side.   Good chance one will go by during your trek.

‚ÄčToday I headed out to One More Time and was treated to a beautiful sunrise.


Our grooming dept has done a fantastic job out on all the natural trails this past week.  A groom to break through all that crusty stuff has left them ready to receive powder from Ole' Man Winter. There were plenty of nice powder stashes on OMT and a few pronounced water bars that you will want to slow down for.


The Boonies  - glades on skiers left of One More Time - lots of untracked area

A few years ago I bought a pair of snowshoes at the Cupola - best investment ever.  They are easy on and off so I don't freeze up my hands before I even start.  Most importantly, they have heel lifters, called ascenders (I call them my high heels) that you flip up when you climb.  Do your calves a favor and splurge.

healI cut across Snowdance to check out Overbrook.


I like snowshoeing because it gives me the opportunity to slow down and experience more of the mountain.  I am drawn to trees and rocks so I am always on the hunt for some unusual ones.


You can search for this "hanger" on skiers left of Overbrook

Overbrook is now open and was much like OMT.  Powder stashes on the sides and the water bars have not filled in yet - take is slow.


A lot of people ask how long it takes to snowshoe to the summit.  For me and most people I talk to, around one hour.

Next I cut over to Rollercoaster to find gorgeous pin stripes.


Starting the day off with a little cardio put me in the right frame of mind.  I am hitting the salad bar at lunch and hopefully I will show some will power after dinner.  Highly doubtful but worth wishing.  I hope to see you out there this winter and if you decide to snowshoe or skin up, please promise me you will get an Uphill Travel Pass and be safe out there!

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