Hello 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I don't have much of a resolution.  I would like to slow down but not in the way you may be thinking. I want to slow down enough to be more observant.  It is important to me to keep moving, especially on the mountain.  On skis, my resolution is to speed up and challenge myself a bit more.  

But today, I took my time and followed Dave, head of mountain ops, around to check on snowmaking. Sounds like work but it was my way of having a legitimate excuse to duck ropes and ski whales. 

Jealous?  Don't be  - you can get your own fill of whales on Fallen Timbers and Ego. 


The Farm and Half Pipe snowmaking build progressing nicely.


Over at Carinthia, Prospector is also showing some decent depths.  This is always my favorite park.


From the top of Rollercoaster, whale watchin'!


Dave on Rollercoaster

pumaInteresting bit about this new Puma, completely controlled from the control room in mountain ops.  "Wet 'em up" or "dry 'em out" from the comfort of your couch.  Well, not that simple but you get the idea!


My favorite run of the day was Fallen Timbers.  This photo is kind of dark but the whales are so much fun and the snow surface is creamy and dreamy.


Building depths on Ego Alley for our racers

ego 2

Dave and Randy talk snowmaking - or something - on Ego Alley


While you are out thanking the snowmakers, don't forget our lift mechanics.  Some of the hardest working and humble men I know.  Shown above, Bob, putting on an ice breaker.  When the ice comes sliding down the messenger line, this device breaks up the ice before it can hit the boot (holds the important electrical elements.)

That was a good day on the hill.  Speed on Timbers, whales all over the place and some good education on snowmaking and lifts.  Happy New Year to all of you.  I hope day one of your 2015 was filled with memorable moments.



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