Did You Ski Today?

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday, December 28.  If you skied or snowboarded today, thank you.  I skied today and had a great day on the hill.  The snow was soft but easy enough to push around.  And the slopes weren't very crowded because, let's be 100% honest, it rained this morning.  The rain subsided by 10 am but to my great dissapointment, many of you took the day off.

I get it, skiing all day in the rain is wet.  And after a few hours you are soaked through.  But a day when the forecast says that the rain will end in the morning, I am just wondering why you wouldn't take your time over an extra coffee and a fat breakfast and then head out on the hill to work off that extra slice (or 3) of bacon?

As I spent the morning in Guest Services talking to folks waiting for a Snow Guarantee I was told repeatedly, "I cannot ski in the rain."  So I would state the obvious, "you know, it has stopped raining?"  I was shocked to find that most people do not think the skiing is any good in the rain or after a rain event.  I guess my dad was tough or mean because we skied in every kind of weather.  I may have mentioned in a previous blog that the same dad did not allow us to eat in the base lodge - tail gate bag lunches for the Locke girls!

After my time in Snow Guarantee land, for the first time this week, I was discouraged. Normally, I would drown my dissapointment in a bowl of ice cream but it was only 11 am so I picked the healthy stress-reliever and went skiing. After a couple of runs my head started to clear and became focused on a way to encourage our guests to ski/ride on "marginal" days.  I thought that maybe we should mount large screens in the Guests Services area.  While you wait in line for your Snow Guarantee, you can watch people skiing down the hill, real time.  Feel free to share your ideas.

As I look out my window, I see you out there making your turns and enjoying a perfectly good Sunday.  Sleep well tonight, you earned it.


View from my office 



There are certain uncontrollable factors in the alpine environment. Weather and skier/rider traffic can result in changes in the surface conditions or trail opening status. To ensure you’re pleased with the skiing and riding, we’ve created one of the most comprehensive guarantees in skiing and snowboarding.

If you are dissatisfied with snow conditions after taking at least ONE RUN within ONE HOUR of the purchase of your full-day or multi-day ticket, you may exchange it for a voucher of comparable value entitling you to a return visit any day within one (1) year from the voucher’s date of issuance. On subsequent days of your multi-day lift package, you must take at least ONE RUN and you MUST request your voucher prior to 10 a.m. 
Early season tickets (opening day through mid-December) and late season tickets (mid-March through closing day) are not eligible for the snow guarantee.

Please note that this is a snow condition guarantee only. No vouchers will be given for weather or lift related conditions. Tickets purchased or picked up after 12 noon are not eligible for a snow guarantee.

No cash refunds will be granted.

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