Meet Your Snow Reporter

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Meet Tyler, our 2014-15 snow reporter.


The snow reporter is one of the most visable positions at Mount Snow.  Well, Tyler and the crew at bag check!  Tyler has a lot on his plate, trying to convey to you in short snipets exactly what is happening up here on the mountain.  I thought you might like to meet Tyler so I took a few runs with him today and asked a bunch of questions.

K:  Where are your from?

T:  Cortlandt Manor, NY

K:  Where did you go to school?

T:  Marist

K:  What did you study?

T:  Digital Media

K:  What do you want to be when you grow up?

T:  Tyler's answer and the conversation that followed took a good chunk of our Bluebird ride.  Tyler explained that when he saw one of his first snowboard films he immediately knew that he wanted to do that.  He has been videoing and editing for many years, starting with friends in his back yard. Someday he hopes to be out West doing much of what he does today - making video and movies of snowboarding. My take away...producing Mount Snow Minutes on steroids.

K:  Do you brown bag it or buy your lunch?

T:  Brown bag

K:  What do you pack?

T:  Turkey club with hot sauce

K:  Do you make your lunch the night before or day of?

T:  Night before

K:  Dogs or cats?

T:  I have 2 dogs at home and 1 cat here

K:  Favorite trail?  

T:  Olympic or any glades on the North Face (did I mention that Tyler loves the back country?)

K:  Best part of job?

T:  I get to snowboard everyday and do what I love


K:  Worst part of job?

T:  Waking up early but that is not so bad.

K:  Go to music?

T:  Classic rock

K:  Favorite band

T:  Can't pick one - I listen to a lot of different stuff.  

K:  Favorite classic rock band?

T:  Led Zepplin and Jimi Hendrix

K:  Married?

T:  No

K:  Single?

T:  No

K:  Sorry, I had to ask.  I know our clientele - they are very social.

K:  Favorite candle scent?

T:  Smore's or macintosh apple

Later I stopped by Tyler's office to snap one more shot.  He was busy working on another Mount Snow Minute.  He normally posts one daily...not an easy feat with all the other stuff we ask the snow reporter to do.


Here's to you Tyler!  I will make sure to get your autograph before the season is over because I think there is a Western adventure in your future.  I am certain that you and many of our past snow reporters (Luke, Halley, Jack, Dylan, Andy and the rest of the gang) will be the future movie makers, shakers, photographers and resort GM's of the ski industry.  


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