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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I am not complaining as Mother Nature has served up one of the coldest and snowiest November's that I can remember.  Her timing couldn't have been better.  Her good temperment meant that we all had favorable laps over Thanksgiving on a bunch of midwinter snow and spring softies!  Hence, the yo yo comment.  

As they always do, our snowmakers don't bat an eye and work with what they have.  Here is the current snowmaking plan.  As much as we wanted to be in expansion mode this week, we have been resurfacing and beefing up existing trails.  Because you never know what next week will bring. And if it is a warm up, we want to be prepared.  This strategy may not be very sexy or show much bravado but at this time of year, he who tries to be sexy, may get caught with his pants down.  If you know what I mean.  

This weekend you can expect to ski and ride on 3 mountain faces with about the same terrain that we offered up on Sunday.  

CARINTHIA:  Nitro, Gulch, Mineshaft and Season's Pass.  Grommet if we get lucky.

MAIN MTN:  Long John, Ridge, Lodge, Lower Ex, Cascade, Canyon, Snowdance and Launch Pad. Deer Run, Charlie's Chase and Cooper's if we get lucky.

NORTH FACE:  River Run and Freefall.  Fallen Timbers if we get really (like winning the lottery) lucky.

You asked for it and showed up to prove your loyalty so the Bluebird Express and Nitro Express will open at 8 am on Saturday and Sunday.  All other lifts will open at 9 am.  Closing will remain at 3:30 pm, until further notice.  

If we are able to open Copper's Junction to the base, the Tumbleweed lift will run from 9 am to 3:30 pm over the weekend.  Tumbleweed will close midweek and then re-open the weekend of Dec 13th for good - every day of the week for all you Seasonites!

There is a lot of talk around the mountain about Founder's Weekend.  If you want to visit us on Dec 12th (our 60th Birthday) and take advantage of our fantastic $12 lift ticket deal, you have to go online and buy your tickets in advance.  If you show up on the day of, the ticket price will be a whole lot more and that would be a bummer of a birthday party.  

Speaking of parties, we have a whole weekend of events planned for you so please plan to stay for the entire Founder's Weekend!  And wear your retro ski sweater so I don't look a complete loser.

Welcome back to all of the youth in our seasonal competition programs - they will be back on the hill this weekend.  Best of luck to all of you this winter and remember that good sportmanship always wins.


Stopping to thank our snowmakers!  


photo taken 12.4.14

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