Kelly's Storm Watch

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It felt like Christmas when I woke - anticipation is in the air and everyone is talking about "the storm."  At 7:30 am the skies are heavy with gray clouds and at the base it is around 30 degrees.  Stay tuned to this blog because I plan on keeping you up to date on snow totals.

This evening I will have to take measurements from my house, in between my pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole prep.  To prove that we are starting at zero, here is a shot of my official snow depth measuring station at  7 am this morning.

Introducing the Garden Cam


I'll report back when it starts snowing.

10 am:  Snow is lightly falling.

10:42 am snow accumulating and coming down strong.


11:45 am - coming down steady - enough for the kids to have fun in!!


1 pm chairs on Main St piling up


3 pm - stairs on to Clocktower deck


4:30 pm - 5 inches and still coming down steady.

clocktower snow

6 pm - 2 pumpkin pies in the oven and 9 inches of beautiful snow has fallen.  Sorry I do not have the garden cam to show you.  Technical difficulties.  Take my word - it's honkin'

Snow at Kelly's

8 pm - almost 11 inches.  Seems to be slowing down a bit but hard to tell in the dark.


Even if we get a foot of snow it does not mean we can pop open a bunch of trails tomorrow.  1 ft just isn't much when you think about the terrain, rocks, ledge and waterbars that have to be covered.  This snow will create a great blanket over the mountian so the ground can freeze.

What you can expect tomorrow is a 9 am opening.  Trails open will be the Gulch (park with features) and Nitro (just a trail - no features) over at Carinthia.  On the main mountain, same trails as last weekend:  Cascade, Canyon, Long John, Ridge, Snowdance and Launch Pad.  The best cord will be on Long John, Cascade, Canyon and Launch Pad.  The others are getting a groom as I type but will also have a sweet layer of natural snow on top.

We will fire up snowmaking on Thursday and start work on Lodge, Exhibition, Freefall and finish River Run.  We still have a lot of snow to make in Nitro.  And there are a few other spots you will see snowmaking.

Thanks Mike for posting photos for me.

5:30 am - Happy Thanksgiving!!!  The snow total at my house is 12.5 inches.  Can't wait to get to work and see what we have on the mountain.  See you on the hill.


I have a great job.  This is the sight I walk into this morning.




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