Sunday Smiles

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Opening weekend has been a lot of smiles, thanks to some of the best early season snow we have seen in years!  Our staff is all smiles too.  Let's face it, this is what we do best and when winter is upon us, it can be hectic but we are in our element.  If you have been to Mount Snow you may recognize some of these faces.  If you are thinking about a trip to our mountain, please come for the great snow!  I am confident you will immediately get a feel for how welcoming and helpful our staff are and return year after year.


Before they can serve you great food and your favorite brew, the team from the Bullwheel have to take the Bluebird to the summit.

mtn ops

The mountain ops team have already been out on the hill shuttling staff and pre-oping the lifts  - not to mention some early morning bubble pushing.


You might recognize Chuck, always ready to help at our Bluebird Express.



Steve and Genie work in our Lift Dept.  They get around the mountain on boards - now there is a perk!


Behind the scenes we are busy hiring our new staff and keeping our accounting in order.  Thanks to this group of super-fun women in the HR and Finance offices!


Our rescue staff are back  - thank you.  It is always a welcome site to see them roll out in the morning.


Mount Snow has 6 shops in the winter.  Stop by Mount Snow Sports in the Main to see Aubrey - yes, she always has a smile this big.


At the Backside you will find all of your snowboard gear and what these two claim are the "best looking staff on the mountain!"  Look out - there may be some challenges on that claim!!  


Out on the hill, Tim was busy with a group of new hires.  They were taking a break for a little talk on safety, which put a smile on my face.


Our rental shop staff have been very busy receiveing and preparing truckloads of new equipment - they are ready!



You can find Victoria pushing bubbles and then working the maze at the Bluebird Express.

Day three and we are already loving the 2014-15 season.  Our snowmaking strategy may pay off in the next few days.  We stockpiled each trail with as much snow as possible just in case we expereinced some warm temps.  And imagine that, Mother Nature changed her mind and is turning up the heat in the next few days.  

We'll keep you posted but we are are glad that we built snow depths on trails like Snowdance, Canyon, River Run and the Gulch.  We want to make sure you have plenty of GS and slalom turns to carve with your turkey this year.



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