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Friday, November 14, 2014



With opening day planned for Friday, Nov 21, snowmaking is the name of the game around here. 

We fired up on Thursday, Nov 13 and have made plenty of progress since.  We started out on Cascade, Canyon, Launchpad, Little and Long John and Gulch.  We have already completed Long John and Cascade.  Launch Pad and Canyon are getting a little frosting but close to done.  But talk is cheap and seeing is believing so here are some "before" and "after" shots to show you our progress.


Pictured above - Cascade on Friday, the 14th


Pictured above, Cascade on Sunday, the 16th - Cascade done!


Pictured above, looking up Long Jump from the "hump" below the top of Nitro Express on Friday the 14th

hump sunday

Pictured above, taken from the same "hump" on Sunday the 16th.  Long John done!

casc rat

Pictured above, Cascade on Friday the 14th - new Ratnik snowmaking gun


Pictured above, Cascade on Sunday - Ratnik's shut down - job done!  Fan guns still finishing up.

casc above

cascade fans

2 photos above - Cascade on Friday, Nov 14 - further down where we start using fan guns

cascade sun

Photo above - Cascade on Sunday - approaching top of Canyon Express, Link area

from 9

Looking down from the top of Canyon Expess on Friday

top o 9, sunday

Same view on Sunday - looking down from the Canyon Express


cas int

The above 2 photos were taken Friday - looking up at the intersection of Cascade and Canyon

can int

Pictured above - intersection of Canyon and Cascade

twr 6

Above, looking down Canyon on Friday - right about lift tower 6.  Photo below also taken at Tower 6 on Friday.



Photo above - Sunday on Canyon around tower 7

top discPhoto above taken Friday the 14th.  Top of Launch Pad - portable fan gun.

disco sun

By Sunday, Launch Pad filling in nicely, as shown above.


Friday, the 14th - Launch Pad fan guns getting down to work.

launch sunday

Launch Pad on Sunday making progress but still a ways to go.


base fri

Base area Friday pictured above 

base sun

Base area Sunday

base sun GSRH

Base area Sunday - time to brush off the chairs!

tues - base barn

Pictured above on Tuesday, proof that Monday's rain did not wipe us out.  Perfect snowmaking temps today.  In fact, we have expanded to Ridge, Snowdance, and Nitro!

fri LJ

On Friday, pictured above, a new Ratnik gun gets to work on Little John

ltl john

By Sunday, Little John is finished and we give the Ratnik our seal of approval.


Closer view of the Ratnik land gun, taken on Friday, the 14th of Nov.

LJ Mound

Photo above snapped Sunday.  The intersection of Long John and Little John - impressive pile up!


Photo above taken on Friday, the 14th.  New HKD Impulse tower on Long John flats.

lj hkd

By Sunday the 16th, Long John is finished and the HKDs also get a high five.  Twigg, one of our snowmakers told me the wind helped them for their debut.


Photo above shot on Friday the 14th - new HKDs Low E guns now line the Long John flats.

LJ corner

Sunday  - what a differnce 48 hours makes.


On Sunday, pictured above, we turned on the fans on Ridge.

ridge top

Ridge today - Monday the 18th.  Still a ways to go but with these temps, we'll get it!

ridge 2

Another shot of Ridge on Monday the 18th.


Taken on Friday, top of Gulch.


Shot of the Gulch today, Monday the 18th.  We will fire up the guns on Gulch again tonight.  In the meantime we are starting to stockpile on Nitro.

I don't have a photo of Snowdance but the guns are fired up there, too.  We really couldn't ask for better weather to start up the season.  Tyler, our new snow reporter started today.  Looking forward to seeing how he will spins things.  Please check his report for updates.  And it is always fun to see how the new reporter responds to my "early morning coaching!"  ha!!!

Ask any snowmaker in New England to sum up this season.  They will give you the universal sign (no, not that one), illustrated by our Chief snowmaker, Randy.  Thanks snowmakers!


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