Ooops, We Did It Again

Monday, November 3, 2014

I know I have promised right here on this blog that we would stop renaming the trails on you.  It's confusing!  Dang, I still slip and call the 7-11, Grampy's.  Boy, do I miss those pizza rolls.  I digress.

But our staff came up with some really valid points that would make skiing and riding here easier, especially early season.  And when I hear easy, I tend to listen.  First I will start with the "no brainer" stuff.

We've added (3) trails, well kind of.

1)  Sapbucket:  This has always been a trail and we groom it but somwhere along the line the sign came down and it was taken off the trail guide.  It is that little trail above Charlie'c Chase that is canopied by trees and has a slight uphill.  This is a natural trail (no snowmaking except blowover from Charlie's and Lodge/Ex.)

2)  Under Pressure:  Skier's left of the above mentioned Sapbucket.  Or as some like to call it Pat's Pitch run out.  It takes you right under the Bluebird Express so smile when you ski it!  Bonus points if you can sing the song and ski/ride at the same time.  This is a natural trail (no snowmaking.)

3)  Long John:  It is not a new trail but we are dropping the rope on a little section that has not been open in the past few years.  Imagine you are skiing LJ from the summit and you pass Shooting Star on your right.  Just a little further down, you normally make the left hand turn, heading to Ridge.  However, this year you will be able to go straight, onto that section of Long John that eventually brings you out at the top of Bear Trap.  You will not be able to go that far but you will be able to go straight and then meander through the woods, making a left curve and dropping back onto Long John, just below Uncles.  This will allow you to avoid the LJ, Deer Run and Ridge intersection.

And speakiing of Long John, our staff has been doing brush back on this trail and Deer Run this summer.  I think you will enjoy the added width.

Here are a few changes to help with early season communication.  Normally, we open the season with Exhibition to Lodge and then back out to Exhibition.  And when we check off Exhibition and Lodge on the snow report, some people are not happy to find that only a portion of each trail is open.   We agree, kind of misleading. 

To make it easier, the trail Lodge now starts from the summit. Lodge continues down under the Bluebird lift line and veers to the left at Pat's Pitch, eventually dumping you out on the lower section of Canyon. View the trail map here.

The trail Upper Exhibition will now start further down, adjacent to the cut-through to South Bowl.    Upper Exhibition will follow the Grand Summit express lift line down to the top of Charlie's Chase.  Lower Exhibition will be from the top of Charlie's Chase to the Base area.  I know, we did away with upper's and lower's.  But in this case it will make a lot of sense.  Early season we will be able to tell you we are skiing from Lodge to Lower Exhibition and paint an accurate picture.  It also helps our Patrol staff better pinpoint any injuries that they need to respond to.

With your early season snowmaking hat on, one more change.  The trail Overbrook will only be the natural trail. There used to be a little snowmaking upper section of Overbrook (think skiers left on Canyon just after the top of the Canyon Express.)  Now when you veer onto that trail you will be on Rollercoaster all the way down to Grand Central.  It used to confuse people when we would post that Overbrook (just that little top section with snowmaking) and Rollercoaster were open.

If we say "truth in snow reporting" it is important that we deliver.  Hopefully, these changes will help.

Tomorrow we will be firing up snowmaking.  There is a short, good window.  It warms up again Sunday - Tuesday but we feel that we won't lose much as the temps aren't shooting up too high. This time of year we are concentrating on conservation piles of snow that can be pushed out later, right before we open.  Think about that stubborn snowbank in your driveway that refuses to melt in the spring - same concept.

Patience everyone - we are getting close!



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