Kelly's Blog: Desperately seeking daylight

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Autumn is always hard for me, especially since Daylight Savings Time was pushed forward a week into November, back in 2007.  I rely on daylight to help me wake up and lately it has become more and more difficult.  My usual 5 am rising has stretched out to 6 am over the last month.  I find that losing an hour in the morning has a negative ripple effect throughout the entire day.

So I am pretty excited to wake up on Sunday, to a little more light and the possibility of snow.  For about a week, each fall, l I bask in the glory of that extra hour in the morning and then my body acclimates as we lose over a minute each day. In the ski industry we joke about going to work in the dark and going home in the dark.  Winter is the time when I rarely see my home in the daylight, which is an excellent excuse for the build up of dust and cobwebs...what cobwebs? 

Somehow, getting that extra hour in the morning (or the the perception of added time) gets me psyched up to face anything the winter may throw at me.  I remind myself that shorter days translate to cooler weather and hopefully a lot of snow!  Before you ask, we have decided not to make snow this weekend as a warm up and rain is in the forecast for next midweek.  But we are getting close folks.

Hey, the Winter Solstice (Dec 21) is just 49 days away.  Just 49 days until we are given the gift of more daylight each and everyday.  What to do with that time?  Ski or dust my house?  Yup, you know the answer to that one!


Shorter days translate to cooler weather

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