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Monday, August 25, 2014

For our 20th Annual Brewers Festival I am posting my Top 10 Things To Do.  Warning – this top 10 is only for the most dedicated and party-hearty types.  The average beer enthusiast (like myself) will be asleep in a corner by number 8!

1)   If you haven’t already, purchase your tickets online to save time and money!  
The 2-day ticket is an amazing deal at only $35.  That is what you will pay for 1-day if you don’t book online.  And new this year, if you purchase your tickets online, you don’t have to get your bracelets at the ticket window.  Save time by walking right up to the festival entrance with your printed or cell phone order.  If you attend Sunday, we have some cool add-ons like the Beer Seminar – see item #9.

2)   Make sure you book a room because driving home after a long day is no fun.  We have a bunch of lodging packages that include your Brewer’s Festival tickets but my favorite (because it is a screaming deal) is $65 per person, per night at Snow Lake Lodge and that includes your ticket to the festival.   

3)   You have made your reservations, and finally arrive for a Labor Day Weekend that will live on in the photo albums!  Start the weekend with some exercise so the rest of the time you can eat, drink and be merry, guilt free.  This year we have added the Hops For Hope, a 5k walk or run that you can do with the whole family.  It starts at 9 am so you can get a jumpstart on the day.  

4)   A quick shower and then hit the Wilmington Flea Market because they may just have something that you can’t live without.  Think theme costume for the Brewer’s Fest!

5)   I recommend that you take your chairlift ride early in the day because the end of the day gets busy.  New this year you can buy your chairlift tickets at the Bluebird Express Barn.  If you are a season pass holder, don’t forget your pass….it gets you a free ride.

6)   Also new this year, informational hikes at the summit.  Available at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm on Sat and Sun.  Take a short hike from the summit (intermediate level) and learn about the wildlife, flora, fauna and history surrounding our beloved peak.  Meet the Ambassador outside the entrance to the Summit Lodge.  

6)   Time for a refreshing beverage!  And you get to bypass the ticket line because you were wicked smaaart and bought your tickets online.  Before you leave the house, condo, tent,  triple check…do you have your:

Valid photo ID?

Lawn Chair?  Sunscreen?

How about your pretzel necklace?

7)  Dance your keister off to the Jeff Tuohy Band (Sat) because Jeff always delivers a high-energy show.  And ladies, isn’t he adorable!?

8)   If it is Sunday, you earn brownie points!  Because you made it through day-one and you are back for more or planned in advance for a value-packed Sunday Funday. The fun starts with the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp.  This is good stuff.  They planned 6 stops on this tour and added us, well, because our Brewer’s Fest rocks!  The specially selected beers are only available on Sunday in limited quantities.  You will see the special Sierra Nevada tent.

9)   For our 20th Anniversary we have added a beer seminar, hosted by Ben Keene, Beer Advocate Magazine managing editor and author of The Great Northeast Brewery Tour. 2 p.m. in 1900’ Burger. Everyone who attends will get a Heady Topper and two other exclusive beers TBD. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased online or at the ticket window.

10)   Mingle.  My favorite thing to do at the Mount Snow Brewer’s Festival?  Meet new and amazing people.

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