Kelly's Blog: Mother Nature Left Another Gift

Friday, March 8, 2013

This season is starting to feel like the epic spring we had back in 2001 when we received 97 inches of snow in March and 224 inches for the entire year!  I remember the icicles from my roof touching my snowbanks.  And I remember going to Florida in April and coming home to the snowbanks still piled high!

So far this year we are up to 135" of snow and 41" of that has fallen since Feb 15 (our average is 120.)    I'd like to thank Mother Nature for finally listening to the pleas and bribes from Southern Vermont skiers and riders.   It is official, you don't have to drive further to get the best snow in Vermont.  Yup, you will be skiing sooner and your wallet will thank you when you drive up to the pumps.

Finally, I will throw out that the weather forecast for this weekend is sunny with temps in the 30's and 40's.  Sounds like time for exhausting bump runs, beers on the deck and a good ole' mountain tan.  And because I know that seeing is believing, I will leave you with photos of my morning on the hill.

Before we open the lifts, we have a lot of shoveling to do!

And more shoveling!

First chair was happy today!

North Face was on wind hold so I trekked over to the top of the Sunbrook quad.


I had Big Dipper to myself.

Something about my solo run was liberating.

At the bottom of Sunbrook I come upon these fine snowmakers helping to shovel out lifts. They had already cleaned up the North Face - fast workers! Say hi to Terry, Twigg and Bugs.

Time to order a taller sign post.



Goggle vision.


The snow stopped falling and the clouds started to lift. Goggle tan weather is on its way.

And the trees are looking mighty fine.

On a tip from Richard, I headed to Ledge.

Thanks for the tip on Ledge, Richard. Yup...I caught your fall!


Skiing with the Ambassadors - fun!

It's not an Illusion folks. We have a ton of snow.












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