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Thursday, November 28, 2013

I expected the worse as I headed out this morning.  After 2” of rain and a drastic temperature drop I was “racer ready” for some fast and crunchy.  How dare I doubt our ace mountain ops team!  I am here to tell you the snow the snow surfaces were good to great!  Here are my ratings on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the top:

Cascade/Canyon (7) easy to carve, a few places with small cookies but pleasantly surprised.  By mid-day snowmaking was making the turns even easier!

Long John (7 – 10) The top portion and below the top of Carinthia it was a 7 and the flats past Ridge to the top of Carinthia was a 10.  Again, a few cookies but all very nice.

Nitro (9.5)  Because I rarely give out 10’s.  My PICK OF THE DAY!  After making snow whales we waited for the water to drain from the rain event and then groomed it out.  Under those piles was nothing but powdah!!  Creamy and dreamy baby!  And did I mention there was not enough time to build a park so Nitro is featureless today.  I skied down with a _ _ _ _ -eating grin on my face.  When was the last time I skied Nitro side to side with big GS turns?  Pinch me!  And guns are fired up on Nitro so plenty of cream on cord.

No report on Mineshaft and Gulch because with Nitro so sweet I took laps there until my toes froze!

I talked to Pitt, one of our groomers, and he explained that they were able to recover so well because first they cat-tracked (tiller up) and then gave as much terrain as possible a double groom.  And by tomorrow, with another groom (and snowmaking) under our belt, it will get even better!!!

Snowmaking is firing up all over including Cascade/Canyon, Nitro, Inferno, Long John, Launch Pad, Lower Exhibition and Ridge.

Our grooming team is holding off on the turkey dinner because they are busy grooming out Inferno, Deer Run and Freefall for opening day tomorrow!!!!  And if they turn out anything like Nitro, you are going to be making happy turkey hangover laps on them with your own grin covering your face.  Nitro will be open with no features all weekend.  We will build Nitro into our medium sized park midweek.

As soon as we get another day of snowmaking on Ridge, we will open it too.  I am thinking Saturday morn.  Same with Ski Baba…we need one more day of snowmaking and a little time to add some small features.

That’s all for now – just had to check in and let you know, it is winter in Vermont and I really, really want you to come visit us this weekend because there is so much to do, including fantastic skiing and riding.  Get here!
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