Kelly's Blog: March Expectations

Saturday, March 1, 2014

I really think I have skied more days this year than in years past.  I don't keep track but I really should.  I am pretty sure this is an accurate statement because there have been so many snowy days and who can resist the mountain when it is snowing?  And I have less time to blog.  Please forgive me if I snub you for powder runs.  And I am tired.  I am getting plenty of sleep but my legs are beat!

Despite my spaghetti legs, I really hope March is a continuation of this "most excellent" winter.  Big snowstorms, sunny skies and a few days above 10 degrees would be perfection!

Our marketing dudes have been bragging about February snowfall for weeks now.  Alaina, our snow reporter, came up with the following to support my theory on February ski days - thanks for letting me rip off your fantastic info graphic - I owe you lunch!

I don't have graphic design skills like Alaina but here's some stats to get you excited about March.

-97 inches of snow fell in March of 2001, the most we have ever recorded.

-The 10 year average for March is 33 inches of snow, 4 inches behind the month of February.

-Last year, we saw 43 inches of snow fall in March, not bad!

I have high hopes for March of 2014 and plan to get after it.  Because the way I look at it, I have to ski as much as possible so I can make it through the long summer stretch, somewhat content.

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