Kelly's Blog: Wednesday Snowstorms

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Last Wednesday I blogged about my great ski day with 6" of new snow overnight.  And today I had to jump on again to say this Wednesday did not disappoint!  It is hard to say how much snow we received because this snow had more moisture content so its weight was compacting the snow it fell on.  I woke up to snow at 5 am and it is still snowing now at 7 pm.  It never stopped.  My best guess is that we received 12+" that has compacted down to about 9".  Meteorologists are saying up to 4" more tonight.

I was able to get out and ski this morning with a group from the Forest Service.  Despite some visability challenges and high winds we had a good time - today was a true adventure on the hill.  In the am there was still plenty of powder and I tried to ski as much skiers-right, as our snowmaking does not always reach those tree lines.  I did not take any photos when I was skiing because it was a very wet ski day.  As the snow hit us, it stuck to our clothes and melted on our warm faces.  By the time I came in I was wet to my long johns and smiling ear-to-ear! 

Meet your Forest Service representatives Dana, Jeff, Mark, Tom and Susan.

If you like sking the trees, your time is here!  The snow is deep and the possibilities go on and on.  Take a look at snow reporter Andy's latest vid - he and Dan had some serious fun threading through the timbers on the North Face.

Dusk at a ski area is one of my favorite times.  It marks the end of the day...sometimes an epic day and sometimes a challenging day.  Our skiers are heading out and a quiet falls upon the mountain.  Add snow and dusk becomes magical.  Here are some pics of my exit this evening.

Notice the snow slide on the Bluebird barn roof.


Headed home - thank you to the anonymous person who cleaned off my car. I will pay it forward.

It is so nice when we get into a snow cycle.  I could get used to these Wednesday storms.  And for those of you heading up for the weekend there is snow in the forecast for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (hint, hint.)    



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