Kelly's Blog: Time to Check the Snow Depths

Monday, April 8, 2013

Snow is my livelihood.  I grew up on skis and my kids did too.  Spring skiing is my absolute favorite time of the year.  But let’s be candid….I am about ready to take off my boots and snow pants and sacrifice them both to the bonfire.  My mind and body are gearing up for two days off in a row, a good book and some family time.  Maybe it's me but probably a good time to take down the Christmas decorations and do some spring cleaning.

I absolutely love the change in seasons.  Most would agree that mud season is the least desirable but I like it!  It is the time of year that I start eating healthier, exercise more and reconnect with family, friends and dog.  So as much as I love ski season and having the best playground outside my office, there is something to be said for mud and snow melt.

So folks, I am transitioning.  I am trying to take full advantage of the last days of the 2013 ski season.  I am skiing the natural snow trails because I know they will go first.  I am grabbing photos of staff before they leave for the summer and I am allowing myself to have a few more helpings of my favorite base lodge food – onion rings!

Our projected closing date is Sunday, April 14.  Will we stay open longer?  Possibly.  It will depend on the weather and if a decent crowd shows up this weekend.  Based on the trail coverage (see below),  we could open for one more weekend. Many of you said your good-byes this weekend and I fear you've already transitioned to mowing the grass and baseball games.  I hope I am wrong.  Please come up this weekend and help us extend our season.  Need some incentives?  See the photos I snapped today.

We headed out today to check snow depths. Cascade - 4 thumbs up!

Freefall is also wall to wall goodness.

Kind of first tracks on Olympic - yes!  For a natural trail, she sure looks good.

Everywhere we went, plenty of snow. Especially on the snowmaking trails. Plummet did not disappoint!


I cannot tell a lie. Uncle's was showing a good amount of bare spots. But skier's right was still a lot of fun.

Last run of the day, One More Time. At 2:03 pm and we are still some of the first tracks down. This is a day I will remember!


Did you notice there weren't many skiers and riders in these pics?  Just saying - you should get up here and be your own king or queen of the mountain.  After being on the hill today, I am ready for a little more winter.  The Christmas decorations can wait.


And here you can see why those decorations will have to wait - the snow is still piled high in my yard. There is a garden under there....somewhere! Pet peeve - dirty snow.


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