Kelly's Blog: This Little Ski Town

Monday, May 13, 2013

It has been less than a month since the mountain closed for skiing and riding but it seems like a long time ago.  I was in need of a whole lot of nothing and I've found my fair share.  I know you love it when the lifts are spinning but the backside of ski town living can be quite satisfying – especially after a good season.

Fan guns guard the last piles of snow at Carinthia - holding on for the Peace Pipe Rail Jam on 5/25.

I spent the last 21 days slowing down and trying to be more deliberate, thoughtful, engaged and even creative.  Some days were better than others but overall I have down-shifted a gear or two. The population of Dover dropped from a winter high of 10,000+  to several hundred and as I drive Route 100 today, I am seeing things I have missed before.

Many businesses have signs announcing their long awaited vacation and the date they will re- open.  The local kids are finishing up school and prom-dress-spottings have picked up along with little league games and a healthy showing  of black flies.  Skiers sport goggle tans but their snow pants have sheltered their legs from the sun and there are some shocking white legs (mine included) walking, running and biking the Valley Trail.  With a little more time on our hands there is a definite uptick of yard work , gossip and BBQs.

Like a college or beach town in the off -season there is a secret hush that is relished here right now.  I find that each time I start to grow restless and bored the town swells for the Wardsboro Parade, a Mudder or Christmas  snowstorm and we are reminded that this quiet, unassuming town is capable of great things.  It suits me well, a bit of a roller coaster ride with exhilarating peaks and relaxing valleys.

Once you have lived in a ski town it is hard to get it out of your system and I realize that it is not only the skiing that has held me here for last 28 years but the vibe that it is so easy to hear if you just stop to listen.

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