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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Today I was off and hit the laundry room hard - all day marathon and still missing a dozen or so socks.  Mostly likely lost in my son's room til Spring.
1 of 3 sock baskets

Normally on a snow day I would be a freak taking measurements and posting neurotically.  But not today.  I am off duty because Mother Nature has her snow wand pointed at all of you on the Cape, all of you Bostonians, you in the 413 and the 860.

There is no need for me to put on my marketing hat and let you know that even though it is raining at your house it is snowing in Vermont.  Nope, this is a Southern storm, YOUR STORM, which means two things.

1)  When you wake up tomorrow and start shoveling out, if you are a skier or rider you will pack up your car and head north.  Because, you live for weekends like this.

2)  Since this is a Southern storm you should probably visit a resort in Southern Vermont, as that is where the greatest accumulation will be.  Yes, I finally get to pull out my Jay Peak ruler and tell the World (or atleast the 44 people who read this blog) that you don't need to drive to the Northeast Kingdom to ski the trees.  No offense, Jay, I will always love you!

Enjoy your snowstorm.  Give your kids two high fives for me for the two bonus snow days!  See you this weekend.  And remember Sunday is Youth Pay Your Age Day.

Couldn't resist a quick measurement. 7:15 pm on Thursday, Jan 2....almost 9" so far!

Friday, Jan 3rd update:  The official storm total is 15 inches and folks found lots of pow today.  It was chilly and I am happy that Sat and Sun the temps will be a little easier in the 20's and 30's.  Here's a few photos from my walk to Carinthia today.

Your choice on Inferno today. Skier's left groomed, skier's right powder.

Did I ever tell you Narrow Gauge is one of my favorite trails? I love skiing with trees flanking both sides.

All the evergreens are loaded up with snow like those little miniatures that come with the train sets.

Having a Robert Frost moment.

Saturday, Jan 4th.  Cold start but at 10 am already warming up thanks to some solar action!  Our runs at Carinthia felt even warmer.  Today was our first AM Express and we were rewarded with a fantastic and colorful sunrise.

AM Express brought to you by these fine folks!





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