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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I just came in off the hill - best day so far!  The snow surfaces were close to perfect (and I don't say that often - ask my staff).

The snowmakers have had a great run since they fired up on Saturday.  Temp is climbing and most of the guns are coming off line as I type.  Looks like this Nor'easter coming in will start with snow tonight, go to a mix, give us rain on Wed and finish off with a mix and snow on Wed eve.  Rain, book-ended by snow.  I'd like to complain but it is kind of hard after perfect snowmaking temps this past week.

So here is our incredibly loose plan!  Our snowmakers made snow on the following trails and if all goes well, they will open as listed.

Freefall - Friday

Little John - Friday

Ridge - not sure - needs one more day of snowmaking

Deer Run - Friday

Nitro - Thursday

Inferno  - Friday (ski/ride trail - no features)

Ski Baba - Friday

Mixing Bowl (tubing hill)  - not sure, lower priority then rest of mountain

Exhibition - very lower part - the ski back from the bottom of Long John to the Bluebird - Friday

With a decent amount of rain in the forecast on Wednesday our plan is to wait and groom on Thursday (probably start later in the day.)  Why?  Because if we let the water drain out of the snow and then groom it we should (fingers crossed) have a better product.  The last thing you want to do is groom a really wet product because that becomes Sierra Cement when the temperature drops.  And boy is the temp going to drop! By Thursday night we could see some single digits!!

So the bad news is....we will probably get a healthy dose of rain on Wednesday.

The good news is...

*We made a ton of snow during the past 4 days.

*We plan to open about 7 NEW trails by Friday.

*Cold temps return Wednesday night and we will fire up the guns for a fantastic weekend of snowmaking.  If need be, we will resurface.  If not, we will expand.  That will include finishing up Ridge and moving on to Snowdance and River Run, to name a few.

Believe it or not, these freeze thaw cycles are very typical for November.  They are a pain but part of opening early. Along with lots of early season skiing we have a lot going on at the mountain this weekend so I think you are in for a fantastic time.

Some of the highlights include the opening of the Bull Wheel (pub at the summit) and Sweet Stash (candy shop.)

The Snow Barn opens for the season with the band Turbine

A few years ago we started the Turkey Hangover Hill Climb and it is one of my favorites!  And a great way to start getting your legs in shape.

The retail shops are loaded with new product and there is a raffle going on at Mount Snow Sports at the Grand!

Bruce Jacques is back!!!  He'll be apres ski in Cuzzin's on Fri and Sat.  There is also live entertainment at the Tap Room on Friday, apres ski.  Did I forget to mention that one of your favorite watering holes opens this weekend?  Sorry  - yup, the Tap Room will be open, finally!

The icing on the cake is our torchlite parade and fireworks and a visit from Santa and Mrs. Clause on Saturday.  It is also the kick-off for the Bright Lights of Dover and our mountain operations team has a little surprise for you during the torchlight parade - wink, wink!  The best viewing spot is in the main base area between the Cape House and Clocktower buildings.

I am thankful for an early start to our season and hope all of you will be able to come up and join us.  It is winter in Vermont and to prove it I will leave you with some photos I snapped on the hill today. Happy Thanksgiving!

Canyon - trail pick for today!

Top of Inferno - should be open by Friday - can't wait!

I had Gulch to myself.

Carinthia Pond art

Whales on Deer Run are bigger than they look in this photo!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday we open at 8 am and close at 3:30 pm.




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