Kelly's Blog: Take a Run for Sarah

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Yesterday I took the day off from technology to cook and clean.  When I reconnected last night I saw that Sarah Burke had passed away.  From Mammoth to Mount Snow posts on FB were sad, yet thankful that Sarah had inspired so many.

I am lucky to have a freestyler in our family.  My son started out ski racing but missed a few starts on Charlie's Chase due to the proximity of Un Blanco Gulch.  When he finished his 1st year of being a JV, he moved over to freestyle and he's been flying high since.  BTW, flying high is my term, not his.  If I said something like that in front of him he would say, "You're so weird."

The freestyle kids are a family.  The girls are just as talented, smart and fun as the boys and there is an easy going thread that holds this band of up-and-coming athletes together.  I am sure there are a few Sarah Burke's amongst them.  A few who will push it a little further, stand up for something they believe in and inspire others.

I am thankful that Sarah dared to go big and shared her life with us.  When you are skiing this weekend, take a run for Sarah.  Enjoy the feeling of being free.

From Mammoth to Mount Snow, scattered amongst the "RIP Sarah" postings, there was also a post that softened the's snowing.

Below is one of my favorite photos that was posted on our passholder forum.  It is an undercast posted by L Broomall, and it was taken from the summit.  Enjoy.

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