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Monday, April 15, 2013

Every year we receive a lot of letters and emails complimenting our staff.  I feel so fortunate to work with such passionate, caring, dedicated and fun people.  This blog is dedicated to the Mount Snow staff and volunteers.  You continue to amaze me!

We started off the season raising money for Sandy relief.

and finishing up last minute projects



Still hoping for snow.

But willing to make the best of every situation.


With Christmas around the corner our snow makers worked round the clock. And Colin and Gina decorated!

Finally on Dec 27th, Mother Nature delivered.


Gotta love these four handsome guys at Bag Check!


Our custodial staff enjoying some pizza after a busy Saturday.

It was a little harder to squeeze a smile out of our night custodial staff, who were just starting a long shift with much to clean.

Dennis is happy because he got a new sled this year. Dennis is the guy responsible for keeping all our lifts running - let's just say he's pretty darn important.

We tried some new things this year.
And Moulton tried to get the rope out of the tiller before someone noticed. Caught ya Dave. You're not supposed to run over ropes!


Beautiful Maria at Carinthia

We miss Florencia!

Always up for retro dancing

Mardi Gras!

Our very own Jack Jump World Champion - Sue Z

Our snow makers make the BEST snow and hang candy canes in a pinch!

And our snow makers help out with lifts in the spring - very talented.

Carlos at the Grand Summit


Denise and BJ out for a snow shoe.

The lovely Stephanie at Sundance.

You can never get enough of Snow Barn pizza - especially when it is free.

Speaking of a group that can put away some pizza - the Mount Snow Ski and Snowboard School....the blue coats!

Can you name this staff member and trail?

B Ryan and Ryan flipping dogs for our passholders. Confusing, huh?

Samir behind the scenes at the 1900 Burger


The Meeker's and Shawn product testing at the Tap Room.

Robert pushing bubbles before his "real job"....head of custodial.


Lots of great food for our awesome staff at one of the employee parties

Let's hear it for the girls.

and more girls - Camilla, Tania, Noelia and Ximena at the Marketplace.

LB, Chelsea, Megan, Willi and Mark at the January staff party.

Tubing party.

Hot dog crew

Event crew

Bubble crew

and the Brew Crew.

Our beloved mountain delivered superb conditions, week after week.


As the season progressed, the snow started to pile up.

March brought even more snow, with no signs of Spring.

So our staff celebrated! Al serenading the Carinthia crowd.


We had fun with our March events.

Henry, Molly and Laura helping the Easter Bunny

Mariano and Nicolas


Winter persisted through March. On April 12 we received freezing rain and snow and our lift mechanics were forced to de-ice the lifts, one more time.


Hank and his signature "winter beard."

And you know another season has come to an end when Hank shaves.

Pretty amazing group of people and not enough photos to show you each and every staff member.  Thank you to our staff and volunteers for sharing another winter with us and for helping to create wonderful ski trips for our guests.  I hope you all have a safe and fabulous summer and I look forward to seeing you next Fall.  My hat, helmet and goggles off to you.









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