Kelly's Blog: South Bowl and Plummet to name a few

Monday, January 21, 2013

Cold temps are back for the week and I just came back from a snow plan meeting and thought you would like an update.  The name of the game is SNOWMAKING!  And we have a full week planned out.

South Bowl:  1st on the list - probably will take 3 days to make the amount of snow we want.  Should be sweeeeet for next wknd.

Snow Dance and River Run:  Start up Tuesday night to refresh and expand skier's right a bit.

Top of Mineshaft:  We'll blast a few fans at the top so we can build our freestyle team a jump to practice on.

Milky Way and Bear Trap:  We will also start the week off on Beartrap as we were not able to make as much snow as we wanted to, last week.  More snow = better moguls.

The Gulch:  We will be in the Gulch all day on Tuesday to refresh for the upcoming competitions on Thursday through Sunday.

Plummet:  By Wednesday night we should be making lots of snow on Plummet!  Who will get first tracks???

Prospector:  As we finish up on the Gulch, guns will fire up on Prospector and The Farm.

Exhibition and Ego Alley:  By the end of the week snowmaking will move to Exhibition and Ego Alley for a little fattening and refreshing.

Superpipe:  The pipe is starting to take shape and the guys are working very hard to have it built for next weekend, the 26th.

Jiblet:  Our new small park on Cooper's Junction will be refreshed during the week with more snow features and fun little jibs for folks who are just starting out.

Long John and other favorites:  Our snowmaking crew is great at lighting up guns on some of most popular trails whenever water allows so expect to see some refreshing here and there.  Of course, I am pretty excited about some of the natural flurries and squalls that are in the forecast and a little somethin' - somethin' that is taking shape for Friday!

Inferno:  For those of you who skied Inferno this weekend you may have noticed massive amounts of snow.  Guess what?  There still isn't enough for an XL park.  So we will be making more snow on Inferno and then it will be built into a park next week.  If you love this trail without features, you're in luck - you get it for one more weekend.

Surprises:  Let's just say that we can't show you our full hand and hope to have the time to get after a few more things.

With low temps our snowmakers will be putting out powder and going through a lot of water.  Thanks for the cold temps Mother Nature.  I don't want to be greedy but a snowstorm or two would be the icing on the cake!

Great cam shot taken earlier this year - snowmaking and flurries combine for a superb day on the slopes.


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