Kelly's Blog: Snowstorms Make Me Giddy

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dinner at the 1900' Burger

From the outside Cuzzin's looks so peaceful. Meanwhile, Bruce Jacques had everyone singing "Sweet Caroline"

The Discovery Center was quiet as all the ski and snowboard pros rode up the Canyon Express in the dark, taking their places for the torchlight parade.

In one short hour Main St turned into the best spot in the whole wide world. Snow does that.

There were several impromptu snowball fights happening simultaneously.

The Station Taproom and Sweet Stash were keeping guests warm and filled with good cheer.

Robert's truck feeling a little undecided.

The torchlight parade lit up the snowy skies - thanks to all the pros who showed up to make it spectacular!

I am headed home now.  Almost 2".  I will report from my deck.  Check back.

Dec 30 at 4:45 am - 6" at my house.  Not a big storm but an important one.  Snowman snow, the kind that easily forms into any shape is also a superior base for our natural snow trails.  It sticks to everything and the wind won't blow it into the woods.  Hopefully, when the next powder day arrives (Thursday??) it is a much easier to pop open some of our favorite natural trails.

I like what I am seeing on the extended forecast.  Weather Underground has us picking up 13" of snow (on the low end) from the Thursday/Friday storm.









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