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Monday, March 10, 2014

I tell people all the time about Mount Snow season passholders - how passionate they are and how this Valley is their home away from home.   I totally get what drives you to make the trip each and every weekend because that used to be me.  I remember when I finally convinced my dad to buy me a pass at our local ski area, Pat's Peak. 

My dad didn't want to part with that much money but I promised him that the pass would pay for itself.  I took this promise seriously and tracked my ski days religously.  Literally, I usually updated my list during church.

Once I hit the number of times needed to "break even" I would circle the date (12 days on Feb 12, in this case) and present it to my father.  He would make a big deal of it and that attention would give me inspiration to log more days.  On the back side of this sheet of paper is another date circled, meaning I doubled his investment that year.  Or atleast that is how I viewed  it.

So, I have been analyzing season passes for most of my life and know a good value when I see it.  Keeping this in mind, I will assure you that we spent a lot of time analyzing this year's pass plan.    And since it can be complicated, I thought I would highlight some of the changes you should be aware of in case you are not a “fine print” sort of person.  Complete details are posted online

EARLY DEADLINE is April 30th.  It is earlier this year so mark your calendars and please don’t call me on June 2nd and tell me you did not know!  I know that date is coming up so I would highly suggest our payment plan.  The payment plan is only offered on the EARLY (April 30) purchases.

There are more BENEFITS if you purchase by the EARLY deadline.  Along with all our usual perks, this year we added more bonus tickets to the Nor’easter and some tubing benefits too!  Almost all of our pass products are also being loaded with (2) Learn to Ski or Ride lessons so you can introduce a friend to our sport.

If you have a 2013-14 season pass, listen up!  New this year, we will hold last year’s rate for you.  Meaning, if you purchase by the EARLY deadline of April 30, you get the same rate we charged last year for the EARLY tier.  Even if you purchased your pass on Dec 1 and paid the LATE rate, we are going to shower you with some Mount Snow love and give you last year’s EARLY rate.  If you want to uprgrade or downgrade to a different pass product, no problem….you still get last year’s EARLY rate.  It is called the Existing Passholder Thank You Renewal rate, because, well…you are awesome!  The renewal rate does not apply to the 1826 or the Double Down Pass.

Speaking of the 1826 and Double Down Passes, they are back and almost identical to last year.  The 1826 Pass is a Mount Snow only pass for ages 18-26 yrs and has zero black out days.  The Double Down is valid for the same times and applies to the same ages but allows you to ski Stratton and Mount Snow.  Please be aware that we have not set the pricing for after April 30th so you really should book now.  The price could go up $20 or $200.  The next tier of pricing will be announced sometime in the summer.

And speaking of Stratton, I will answer the question many of you have asked.  Are there any other benefits at Stratton other than the Double Down?  The answer is, no.  We did talk to Stratton about several ideas but for now we have both agreed not to expand beyond the Double Down.

You may notice that the price of the Midweek pass went down.  The price decreased because we are blending the rate of the Midweek Adult and Midweek Senior.  Next year there will be one Midweek Pass for all ages.  Thus, the adult rate went down and the senior went up.  If you are a senior with a 2013-14 pass, you get the  Existing Passholder Thank You Renewal rate of $299, last year's rate.   I hope you will agree that at $349 it is an incredible deal.  It pays for itself in just four of those fantastic, "mountain to yourself", midweek days.

If you are a Midweek+ Passholder here is important info just for you (it will also be emailed to you.) For those of you who do not have a Midweek+, it is a pass valid midweek and Sunday’s, non-holiday.  We have eliminated this product because very few people purchase it.  At a price difference of only $50 between the Midweek+ and the Classic most people see the value in the Classic Pass and upgrade.  If you purchased a Midweek+ Pass for the 2013-14 season,we will sell you a Classic Pass at the price you paid last year for your Midweek+ Pass - $549.  The same is true for the Midweek Senior + Pass.  It has been eliminated but if you have one for the 13-14 season, we will sell you a Classic Pass at the price you paid last year for your Midweek SR+ Pass - $449. This transition pricing is being offered for one year only. If you would like to purchase a Nor’Easter,or another pass, instead of the Classic, you will receive the published renewal rate for that pass.

Prices are also posted for our seasonal programs like Development and Training Center Comp Programs.  There is a sibling discount across all of our seasonal learning programs.  For instance, if you have a child in Snow Camp and Development, please register using the sibling discount rate once the first child is signed up.  And if you would like, you can put all of these programs and your season passes on the payment plan.

We do not have seasonal locker rates posted yet because we are trying to decide whether we have the  funds to upgrade the locker room (or at least half of it), which would give an upgraded locker option.  You all know the locker room better than me.  Feel free to post your thoughts on this.

There are so many other questions that are asked so we have prepared some FAQs that are worth the read.  I think you will learn a few things about our pass options…I know I did. The FAQ tab is on the far right.

I am happy that we have been able to hold the pricing for our returning passholders – you are very important to us.  And I hope you will find value in some of the benefits we have added.  Interestingly, the Nor’easter youth and senior pass prices have not increased in FOUR YEARS.  And the Midweek Senior Pass has not increased in FIVE YEARS!  We do hear you when you share your thoughts and ideas and although we cannot do everything that lands in the suggestion box, we do consider all of your input.  Many of the good ideas at Mount Snow have come from you…thank you!

1985 - the year I earned my first Mount Snow season pass.

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