Kelly's Blog: Romance is a bit like exercise

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I have a romantic side, kind of.  I dream of long walks on the beach, hand in hand with my husband.  And I remind myself that I should take my husband out for a leisurely dinner-for-two.  Sounds like the same voice that reminds me to wake up tomorrow and go to the gym.  So I wake up early and then make 100 excuses why I should postpone my work out until tomorrow.  Excuses like, I need to get to work early or I need to throw in a load of laundry.  Much like exercise, my romantic side often hits the back burner due to lack of time, initiative or imagination.

Add the fact that I am married to a guy who thinks a night of romance is a chick-flick on TV and sharing a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and you can see we make a pretty pathetic couple!  Thank goodness for Valentine’s Day.  A holiday dedicated to nothing but appreciating those we love.

I really have no experience giving romantic advice but I am a woman so I think that somewhat qualifies me to give you guys  a few tips on how to dazzle your partner this Valentine’s Day.  Luckily, you have a week to pull this off so no excuses!

1.  Do something around that house that your partner wouldn’t expect you to do.  Maybe you could do a few loads of laundry?  Second thought, not the laundry because if you are anything like my husband, you are a crappy folder, and that will just stress her out.  Stick to something you can’t screw up like vacuuming or unloading the dishes.  And if you want to score big points, clean all the bathrooms - trust me, she will be thrilled.  Helping around the house is important because it shows you care and when women have a clean home we have more time for romance.

2.  Think of a few reasons why you love her and take the time to tell her.  Really give it some thought.  I love you because you are a great mom does not cut it.  Think about those little things that really matter to you.  For instance, I love the way you leave the smell of your perfume on my clothes after we hug.  Or I love how you speak your mind and confront stuff head-on.  Trust me, women like a little positive reinforcement from time to time.  We can be our own worst enemies.

3.  I don’t think cards, jewelry or chocolates are necessary but the right gift can score brownie points for years to come.  For me, I would rather get a little something that took some thought and/or effort.  Here’s an example:  IF my husband were to notice that I am constantly pulling every spice container out of the cupboard just to find the little jar of nutmeg, it would thrill me if I came home and he’d installed one of those pull out spice organizers and then arranged them in alphabetical order.  Just sayin’!


4.  Finally, a surprise is always nice.  It means you took time to make a plan and just didn’t wake up and grab some flowers at 7-11, when you were filling up the tank.  Here’s an idea for you.  Tell your spouse to take Valentine’s Day off and pack for a day of skiing.  Then bring her to Mount Snow for our 2 for $49 lift ticket deal (cheap date – allowing you plenty of cash to treat her to a nice dinner) and then surprise her by renewing your vows at our Cloud Nine Nuptial ceremony at the summit  I am getting goose bumps thinking of how romantic this would be.  Tickets must be purchased online, in advance

Disclaimer:  I apologize to all you men out there that do the laundry, are excellent folders and help around the house – I know you exist.

I really need to work on making time for a little more exercise and romance in my life.  Maybe this Valentine’s Day can jump start my enthusiasm?  And if you are already a true-blue romantic, I tip my skis to you!

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