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Friday, December 27, 2013


I know your backyard might not have any snow, but ours does.  If you need proof, I snapped some shots when I was out today.

Making snow on Rollercoaster today - should be even better tomorrow. Taken from Canyon Express.


Freefall. Plan to have Chute and Fallen Timbers on the North Face role call tomorrow.

Thanks Walt. Making snow there right now!

Hope you brought your slalom skis to Beartrap today. Expect to see a wider width tomorrow.

The Grommet park is ready for our first Grommet Jam on Monday. In the background, Inferno continues to be top of my cruisin' list.

Can you guess which lift that is?

Nitro our medium sized park.

24 hours of snowmaking love on Milky Way allowed us to drop this rope.

Lodge. I only rode the Bluebird once today. Everything else was accessed by alternative lifts. Just sayin'.

Ego Alley


The Gut living up to its name. Are we ready to cut the pipe yet? Nope, needs more snow.

Can't wait to see you! early, eat late and ski high noon.













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