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Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday, 12/23:  Well that was an interesting week.  We skied the pow and froze our toes off at the beginning of the week  and today I stepped in a big ole' puddle and now I've got wet toes.  Not gonna rrrrrrained at Mount Snow. And the temps hit the 50's at one point.  And we closed a bunch of trails and there are thin and bare spots on the mountain.  It isn't the first time we have seen a situation like this and it won't be the last.  It sure is frustrating to go from 55 trails and skiing trees on Friday to 32 trails today.  We work in the ski industry so it shouldn't be a surprise to see drastic weather shifts like this but somehow you never get used to it.  After crying in my beer at the Bull Wheel (okay, I didn't actually cry but the ale was consoling) it is time to buck up and move on.

Luckily, I get over things easily so I hope you are  ready for a dose of skier optimism.   Cold temps and flurries are in the forecast for the next 7 days!!!!!  As I type, our snowmakers are on the hill getting their equipment in place so as soon as the temps drop, we can start making snow.  It looks like that will be around 9 pm.  And then they will just keep going until they have resurfaced all of our snowmaking trails.  They will start with the most popular trails like Long John, Cascade, Canyon, Ridge, Launch Pad and Gulch.  They will probably stay on a trail for up to 24 hours and then you will see them switch to the next set of trails.  They will do this daily and if all goes according to plan you will see them on the North Face at the end of the week and expanding by the weekend.  And by now you all know the story about Mount Snow's fan gun snowmaking technology and how it gives us the advantage over our competitors when we are resurfacing.  If not, click here:

Trails like Chute and Fallen Timbers weren't groomed after we buried them in snowmaking last week.  We are hopeful that our strategy will pay off.  We will let the water drain out from those snowmaking whales and then give those trails a good winch and a groom and see if we retained enough snow to open those North Face favorites.  It looks like the same could be true on Bear Trap.  The prognosis for South Bowl is not good as the fog-eaters did a number on our snow piles.

Over at Carinthia our parks are holding their own and will need a coating of white but I am proud to say that I am pretty positive that our parks offer more progression, variety and challenge than any others in the east.  We plan to have at least four parks open for the holiday week.

Speaking of parks, our tubing park is still open - not sure there are many other ski areas (if any) offering tubing right now.

One of the best things about Mount Snow is that we are a very social group and when you get us all together we love our time on and off the slopes.  The next nine days are jam packed with lots to do, like our torchlight parade and fireworks scheduled for Sunday, December 29th and the first Grommet Jam of the year will take place on Dec 30.

For the older crowd, there's a bunch of entertainment to keep you and your friends smiliing!   Bruce Jacques is playing in Cuzzin's on Sat Dec 28, 29 and 31.  On the 27th and 29th you can enjoy live entertainment at the Tap Room and click here for the holiday schedule at the Snow Barn.

On New Year's Eve I go to bed early and leave the celebrating to you.  Please don't dissapoint me - here is your array of options:

The Grand Dance Party at The Grand Summit Resort Hotel (for the family) 10:30 pm - 1:00 am

New Year's Eve Family Dinner at the Grand Summit Resort Hotel  06:00 - 9:30 pm

Sugarfoot & The Brass Kick'n Horns at the Snow Barn 9:30 pm

I always suggest to anyone that visits to get "Vermonty."  Meaning, stop at a local diner for breakfast (the newly reopened Dot's in Wilmington), shop the local stores (like Bartleby's for fantastic books) or the Incurable Romantic if you are shopping for a woman.  There are so many eclectic little shops with items you can only find here in Vermont.

My favorite part about the holidays is catching up - really taking the time to talk to one another.  Maybe I can wrap that into a New Year's resolution  - Take time.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  See you on the hill.
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