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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yesterday, was dedicated to all things I love to do at Mount Snow in the winter...just in case it ended up being our last day.

Today we have decided to extend the season for ONE MORE WEEKEND.  Yoooo Hooooo!

Here's the details for April 20 and 21.

We have decided to open for one LAST weekend, rain or shine….we are going for it!

We plan to open Carinthia and run lift #2, the Nitro Express.  One park will be groomed out, with no features (Mine Shaft to Inferno).   In addition, we hope to run lift #14, the Beartrap Double, so we can get some last bump runs.  Did I mention our staff wanted to pay tribute to the 80’s with Reo, Michael, Wham, Journey and AC DC blasting on the Beartrap speakers?  Please dress accordingly! Opening Beartrap will happen as long as the snow holds – it looked good yesterday but we know some warm weather and rain are forecasted for the week.  Fingers crossed everyone!

Carinthia lodge will be open for food and beverage, restrooms and seating.  BBQ on the deck weather permitting.

Please park at Carinthia as there is NO shuttle from the Main Base.

No rental equipment, beginner terrain or lessons available at Carinthia.

Ticket Pricing:  $29 per person – all ages.  5 and under free.  No snow guarantee.  If your mountain is closed, come enjoy all the snow we have at Mount Snow.  Just show your season pass, from any other mountain, and we will take an additional $5 off your lift ticket.

This will be our last weekend.  Just had to throw that out there because I know you will ask!


So back to my Monday run down of doing things one more time.

Over the radio I hear Mike asking for help pushing bubbles.  This could be our last day launching bubbles,  so I wasn't surprised to see a big turnout to help.  Pushing bubbles is a good work out and I enjoy helping.

Henry helping out.


But today there was enough help so I headed over to check on the Main Base Lodge.

These young men, from Avon, CT,  found a good spot to watch the bubbles launch - Cuzzin's Rock.  They were munching on Robin Eggs Candy for breakfast and waiting to buy their Youth Pay Their Age Day tickets.  I was happy to see them and hope many of their peers will show up today.


Usually, when I check on the base lodge in the morning there are a few guests to chat with.  Today it was quiet.  A little too quiet.

Seeing the deserted base lodge put a little lump in my throat.

Did you get your last helping of Mac and Cheese?

I went back to the Bluebird to see how the bubble launch was going and to snap a picture of the bubble crew.

Are you a Kevin fan? Join the club! Luckily, you can visit us this summer and he'll be here. He looks happy to be nearing the end of the bubble launch.

Mike and Kevin launch the last bubble. Gulp.

Today's bubbles brought to you by these strong men. Thank guys!

One of my winter rituals is walking to Carinthia using the Season's tunnel trail.  I decided to make the trek one more time?  Probably not.

Season's tunnel trail still hanging in there!

At the bottom of the Nitro Expess, Byron (normally a snowmaker but helping with lifts) gave himself a mohawk.  Wow, a lot of people are getting hair cuts!

Back at the Main I hear that #28, the Discovery Shuttle is open.  What?  I thought we were only running Bluebird and Nitro today.  I called Brian to find out why.  I guess Larry Peckham had a 2-hour private and a few other guests asked so he opened it.  Talk about service.  We'll dock his pay later!

Skiing was a lot warmer than the weekend and a lot of fun.  It was soft everywhere but not heavy....yet.  I followed the left to right rule and started on skier's right and trail by trail made my way to Carinthia.  Nitro was by far the most populated trail.  There was a nice vibe over there and I took a few laps on skiers left of the Gulch and Inferno.  Even at noon I was skiing the cordoroy and loving it!

I headed in to face my big fat lunch...the chicken tender platter!  It was my only one of the entire year.  With that under my belt (literally) it was time to do some shopping.

The Cupola's last day until Memorial Day weekend so I went there with credit card in hand.

Snow shoes for me and a new jacket for my husband.  The bike may come later.

I made it back in time for  last chair (or at least I thought it might be last chair.)  And I can honestly say that is the first time I have sat in last chair.

Mark, Vince, Adam, Dick, Kelly and Jeff

Patrol invited me to TCP (trail closing procedure or sweep) and I was thrilled to participate.

Rescue deck - while chatting Dave (12 o'clock - big smile) threw out the idea of opening Bear trap for the weekend. Hmmmm?

Skiing Ego for my last run of the day was fantastic - enough said.  Quick wardrobe change and off to the most important part of the day, our staff party.

Thanks to our food and beverage staff for feeding us well. Read my last blog to see a special tribute to our staff.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Monday of one more times.  That said, I am enjoying my Tuesday of "let's stay open one more weekend," even more.

In closing, I would like to thank each and every person who skied, snowboarded, tubed, dined, golfed, biked, ran through the mud, enjoyed a brew,  sang with Bruce, oooohed at the foliage, swam in Snow Lake or hiked to the summit.  You and your enthusiasm to live and play on our mountain are the reason we are here.  Your passion continues to amaze us and drives us to constantly look at new ways of doing things in an attempt to make improvements.

This summer we will work to assure your return will be met with all the things you love about Mount Snow.  In addition, I am confident that you will find improvements that will make your time with us even better.  From the kids who learned in our Burton Riglet park to the Mount Snow loyalists who logged more than 400,000 vertical feet, thank you.

See you on Beartrap this weekend.  I've got my neon picked out.  Do you?

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