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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I took last week off to get my gardens ready for winter and spent most of the week painting.  So much for plans.  By the end of the week I found myself getting the winter jitters, meaning I needed to get back to work for fear of not being ready by first snowfall.  Sick, I know, but it happens this time of year.  I am excited to get back on skis but I'm starting to feel a little "are we ready?" anxiety creeping in!

Luckily, we have one more event before we transition into 100% winter mode.  Ahhhhhh - Octoberfest, certainly a favorite. Have I mentioned how much I adore Tyrolean music and how much my staff shush away my idea of playing that sweet alpine inspired music (complete with yodeling) every day at Mount Snow?  So I get one weekend - fine!  To make sure you take advantage of everything going on this weekend, I have come up with a top 10 list:

1.  Buy your Octoberfest tickets online before midnight on Thursday and save $$$.

2.  Before you have your first brew of the day, shop!  The new SmartWool is in, at Mount Snow Sports at the Grand, and it sure is purdy!

3.  Exercise - sign up for the Gulp and Gallop (Sat only) and you can get in your 5k and have your first toast of the day, simultaneously.  This run features your choice of water or beer at all of the water stations.  It is only $15 and you can sign up online at the same spot you purchase your Octoberest tickets.  

4.  Check out the new Bullwheel Pub at the summit of Mount Snow (upstairs in the summit lodge.)  Our maintenance staff have been working all summer to create the perfect spot for a beer and a little something to eat - step out onto the observation deck for outstanding views.  Passholders get free chairlift rides and others can purchase their tickets at Mount Snow Sports, the Toll Haus or the Clocktower.

5.  Is it 11 am yet?  That is what time the doors open For Octoberfest and the Oberlaendler Hofbrau Band start playing at 11:30.  The Kids Zone also opens at 11:30 with so much to do!

6.  By now you are starving so head inside the Main Base Lodge to der Marktplatz for a hearty German meal.  Personally, I would go for the Wiener Schnitzel, but it is all so good.

7.  While you are inside, you are going to want to check out the 40th Annual Harvest Art and Craft Show.  It is located on the main floor of the Base Lodge and in the tent out by the Clocktower.  Is is FREE so even if you don't have time for Octoberfest, please visit our craft show and get a jump on that holiday shopping.  10 am - 5 pm Sat and Sun.

8.  It is the middle of the day and the band just went on break.  Great time to go to the Season Pass office and get your passes and photos all straightened out for the winter.  Midday is good, less busy.  The office closes at 4 pm so don't delay.

9.  There are lots of games throughout the day but my two favorites are the stein holding contest at 3 pm (kids first, then adults) and the yodeling contest at 4:30 pm.

10.  Finally, please get up and dance.  For years I have worked this event and I absolutely love watching the folks who dance.  Whether you are an ace or can only conjure up an occasional chicken dance, it is all good.

Of course, there is so much more to do but that should keep you busy for a while.  I hope your weekend in the Mount Snow Valley is filled with family, friends and good cheer.  Prost!


Last year I was surprised to see some of my relatives that I hadn't seen in years.

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