Kelly's Blog: New Trails for the Weekend

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snowmaking temps have been very good and we have picked up a few inches from Mother Nature so expect to see new trails on the roster for this weekend.  Here is the plan.  I always say "plan" because the mountain ops guys hate it when I over promise.  But I have great confidence in them...don't you?


In addition to all the trails we currently have we "plan" to open:

Exhbition (Thursday)

Lodge  (Thursday)

Charlie’s Chase

Ego Alley (before the weekend)

more of Somerset Rd

Cooper’s Junction (Sundance Lodge opens on Saturday)

Sweet Sixteen  - the portion below the intersection of Season's Pass


Milky Way (sorry - not enough snow to open)

Thanks Walt

Bear Trap (need more snow)


Prospector and The Farm open with no features (start building park on Monday)...sorry, we started building the park on Wed and found that we did not have enough snow to build it properly.  Our park crew promises it will be worth the wait.

Gulch open with no features (start building park on Monday)

Junkyard open with no features

Nitro – park

Inferno – open with no features

Grommet - park


River Run


Also trying to get the Seasons ski home trail (tunnel trail.) That is a lot!!  Looks like a pretty epic weekend!  And mountain ops also asked me not to say the "S" word but come on - it is so exciting I have to tell someone.  Did you hear there is a - - - -  - - - - - in the forecast.  And they are forecasting - to -- inches?  It is like a Mad Lib - insert how you wish.  See you on the hill.  I'll be the one grinning ear to ear!

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