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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Good luck to all you Mudders!  In case you can't make it to Mount Snow today, I will be posting photos all weekend.  It is a bluebird day at Mount Snow so I am pretty sure we are in for a fantastic weekend.  And it rained A LOT yesterday so the mud part is guaranteed.

Early birds


Wake up! Before you even get to the start line you have a wall to climb.

Yup - you just made my t-shirt contest

He's been through a few Mudders - hats off to you!

Sweet Stash

And the 1st wave is off on time! Yeah, that guy is carrying a tire.

A "reliable source"" told me they met at a Tough Mudder event and will get married today at the finish line.


Denise is working the finish line and sent me this shot of some first finishers!

GIRL Power! First woman across and 3rd overall - are you kidding me? Applause!!!

Someone please tell the team in the tutus that they get the beer at the end of the race

Still running

Building strong EGOs


Navigating the "frog pond"

Snowmaking gun fun

Electric Eel

Getting shocked

Mud Mile

Funky Monkey

A wave heads out and another group attempt the Cage Crawl

Couldn't resist a quick stroll through the Wedding Gardens

Before you can cross the finish line you have to go through Electroshock Therapy - brutal!

This girl started at 10 am and hurt her ankle at mile 1.5. She did not want to go through Electroshock but with some encouragement from the announcer and crowd, she went for it with help of her husband?? Here's the kicker - I took this photo around 6 pm so she had been out on that course for 8 or more hours.

The sneaker donation pile is building. This is just one of many.



Arctic Enema are dumpsters filled with water and ice. In case you wondered what happens when the ice melts, they bring more!

Once they are filled up with more ice, along one of my favorite couples of the day. He takes the leap in.

And when she climbs out you can see on her face how cold it was. They were both hootin' and hollerin' as they tried to warm up!

Kiss of Mud - mile 5

I came across this pair of sneakers on mile 5.5. Not sure where the owner is but can't be too comfortable.


Look who I bumped into on Snow Dance. Mr. Heon with a big tall guy on his back - must be Warrior Carry.


Those crawling through the Kiss of Mud told me it should have been named Kiss of Rocks - ouch.

One More Time is an intermediate trail but it felt double black diamond climbing up!

Our buddy Brian is visiting from Wildcat with his brother and friends from Burlington. Looking strong on Snow Dance.

A proposal, Tough Mudder Style. Congrats Tom and Tammy.

And what a ring!!

As Sunday drew to a close I helped out at the showers and met many amazing people with lots of equally amazing stories. We were packing up and Jack told me about one last guy on the course.  He had some medical issues and was trying to finish but was on homemade crutches (branches) for the last 3 or 4 miles.  It sounded like he was very hydrated and had severe cramping, like the kind that brings you down.

When he got to Everest, the Tough Mudder camaraderie mantra was alive and many of our staff started a human wall for him to climb up.

Matt, the guy determined to finish was on the ground at Electroshock Therapy (last obstacle and only feet from the finish line) and they were helping him to hydrate and the crowd was encouraging him to finish. There were offers to carry him to the finish line but he was determined to finish on his own. While he waited for the cramping to back off, I snapped photos of some of our staff : Dave, Justin, Brendan and Dennis.

Our patrollers were ready at the finish to attend to Matt. I made them "smile pretty" while we waited. I even got Dennis to get in the photo, which he dislikes immensely.  Can you pick him out?  Yup, far left looking unamused.  Why do lift mechanics hate having their pictures taken?

The moment we were all waiting a true Mudder Matt was accepting some help making it through Electroshock. When he saw that finish line, he ditched the help and ran through. Yup, a few tears were shed.

We wish Matt (in blue) a speedy recovery and congrats on his finish.

What a weekend!  I will never be a Mudder but I could watch these events every day.  The participants are genuine, inspirational and the mud they brought back to the showers was as thick as frosting,  in some cases.  Sorry, no shower photos - This is a PG blog.  Thanks Mudders - I hope your experience at Mount Snow was as positive as the memories you have left us with.  See you next year!




































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