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Monday, December 12, 2011

Hi! My name is Kelly Pawlak and I am Mount Snow's General Manager.  I have worked at Mount Snow since 1985 and have been the GM since 2005.

Today Chip (our resort controller) joined me for a few morning cruisers.  He's not your usual bean counter.  For instance, he is a tele skier and not too conservative.  Today he gave the mountain a rating of 10.  I couldn't agree more!

There's Chip (above) on his first ride on the Bluebird Express.  Doesn't he look happy!?  The day really was a perfect 10.  The sun was out  and the snow was abundant and well groomed.  The only negative I can think of is that you weren't here.  I kept seeing your posts to open and took them seriously.  So now you have to do your part and and get up here - the snow is amazing!  It is hard to believe there is so much snow when you have grass in your back yards.  Here's the proof. 


Canyon wall to wall and perfect for big GS turns.  Speaking of turns, I had a blast on my Black Pearl Blizzard's.  Thanks Carl for picking out a fun pair of skis for me to try out.  Demo Day is Sat, 12/17 - your chance to try out the latest gear.

We headed to Carinthia via Long John and as we passed Ridge they were still making snow.  Later in the day Ridge opened.  Darn, missed it!  Rumor has it a few more ropes will drop tomorrow.

On our first lap through the parks at Carinthia I tried to get fancy with my point and shoot camera (below.)  Guess I need some practice because the Gulch looks a whole lot better! 

The Gulch above.

Ski Pro Erika out with a snow camper.  See...plenty of snow in the base area so you can ski right up to the Bluebird Express.  Our snowmakers have been BUSY.

Chip and I hated to head inside but work awaits.  Alright, one more run on Cascade/Canyon.

There she is...look closely and you can see the Golden Chair.  I hope our morning runs inspire you to mark a day or week on your calendar to come visit us.  Winter is here.
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