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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dare I say that winter has arrived?!!  Yesterday we woke up to about 4 inches of snow, the kind that sticks to everything.  It looks like a winter wonderland.  Today we woke up to flurries and it still hasn't stopped.  At this very moment we have white out conditions outside my window!  In fact, there is snow in the forecast for the next seven days:

Natural snow is in the forecast for the next six days.  Temps are forecasted to drop to the teens for the next 5 days.  And when temps are in the teens, compared to let's say 25 degrees, our snowmakers can produce about 5 times more snow.  This means we will be adding new trails daily!!  And rumor has it we could see significant snow next Wed/Thur.  Some meteorologists have thrown around the NE word.  One of my co-workers, Tom, is simply calling the coming storm THE EQUALIZER!

If you're dreaming of a white Christmas and you are ready for a little vacation, now is the time!  Read on to find out where we are making snow for you!!

Today we are skiing and riding on 21 out of 80 trails.  That is 176 acres.  Tomorrow we plan to open Chute on the North Face and Inferno (no features) over at Carinthia.   That brings us to 23 trails and 197 acres.  By Dec 24th we plan to add Ego Alley, Drop and Prospector.  And for Christmas we hope to give you the gift of Snowdance and Charlie’s Chase (race ready.)   And while you are skiing and riding your tail off on Christmas, our snowmakers will move over to Sunbrook.

Today I was applauding our groomers on my morning runs.  My favorite trail today was Mineshaft, where they were making snow, creating a sweet, creamy layer on top.  I skied the Gulch  and our Carinthia Parks crew did a fantastic job with the full build out.

Gulch - 4 jumps near the bottom

New spine on Gulch

Features on Gulch - you ready?

Nitro will be closed all day Monday so they can build out that park, too.  In addition to Nitro and the Gulch as parks, you will have Grommet, Prospector and Inferno open during the Christmas week.  We also have an airbag coming to Carinthia beginning Dec 26th.

Over on the North Face we plan to make snow on Fallen Timbers next and Plummet after that!

More good news - the tubing park plans to open at 10am Monday and will operate 10am-6pm through the holiday week.

I talked to our head snowmaker, Randy, today.  Despite four significant rain events so far this winter, Randy and his team never seem to dishearten.   They are some of the hardest workers I know and they will be taking full advantage of these temps to get as much new terrain open as possible.  Whenever we are discussing trail openings Randy is always figuring out where he can add a gun or two, to make sure he does not waste a drop of water or air power.

With the holiday season upon us I am very thankful for snow - it really is our livelihood.  And I am so fortunate to work with a dedicated group of snowmakers and groomers who will be here on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and New Year's Eve, making sure our holiday turns are the best possible.    Happy Holidays!

12.23 update:  Wanted to add a few photos I snapped today - it was nice to see the sun but it was brief.  At 12 noon it is snowing!!

Snowmaking on Cooper's

Here's a better shot of the last 4 jumps on Gulch
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