Kelly's Blog: Let it Snow

Friday, December 6, 2013

I am pretty pleased with the 7-day forecast.  It is not picture perfect but there is a lot to work with.  We've placed our office pools and will find out who the winner is when we wake up tomorrow.  Snow is in the forecast overnight and most are saying 2-6".  We'll take it.

Even better, we are firing up the snowmaking as I type so whether Mother Nature helps or not, we will  be in resurface mode when you pull in tomorrow.  And shortly thereafter we will go back to expansion and get you Snow Dance, Exhibition and Lodge.

We may have to take a brief pause from snowmaking as the front pulls through Sunday night with more snow (pinch me!) that will possibly finish in a mix on Monday.  The words sleet, freezing rain and grapple doesn't even bother me - nope!  Because as soon as that system clears out we are back to snowmaking temps Monday night that continue through the week.  That means more expansion and currently on the map that includes trails like Charlie's Chase, Fallen Timbers and Thanks Walt.  We will also be hammering the Gulch so our Freestyle team can get in there and give us a rebuild before Christmas!

I can remember many years when early season was a real nail bitter.  This year it is the gift that keeps on giving.  I hope to see you will be happy you made the trip.

Saturday update - my favorite trails of the day were Cascade, Canyon and the Gulch.  We were making snow on these trails (and many others) and that is what made them good (must have goggles!)  Freefall was fine but will be even better with another groom tonight.  They are also firing up some guns on Ridge so I think that trail will get better with each run.  I didn't ski Nitro but the new park build looked fantastic.  And a few pics of my morning on the hill.

The sun started to pop out just as I was cruising Long John.

Snowmaking underway on Lodge.  As of Sat afternoon we have 86 fan guns and 34 air/water guns fired up!

The view on the North Face was beautiful. The birch stand on skier's right of Freefall are some of my favorite trees at Mount Snow.





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