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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Working at a ski resort, sometimes I forget about those  beloved ski trips - you know the ones when it all comes together and you have a perfect day?  I am not exactly on a vacation  but today was pretty darn near perfect for a "work day!"

The smallest things can make my day, like walking over to Carinthia in "snow globe" weather and finding my son and two of his ski buds taking a break in the lodge.  Something about ski friends - those friendships last forever.  As I looked at the young men I couldn't help but picture them as little twin-tippers tearing around the mountain, pre-Carinthia Parks.  Now they are off to college but I am positive they will stay ski-buds for years and years to come.

Wyatt, Tanner and Ben - all grown up.

I stopped at Sundance to do my walk-through and noticed a pair of hand warmers perched on top of the garbage can.  I grabbed them, YUP, still warm.  You would be surprised at the amount of people who leave their hand warmers instead of throwing them away.  My theory is that since they are still warm and have hours of use, "good dubie skiers" leave them, hoping someone will adopt them.  These are the same people who search out a recycle bin and think twice before ripping 3 sheets off the paper towel roll.  Hand-me-down hand warmers is a noble thought but let's face it, in this world of wet wipes, hand sanitizer and elbow sneezes, no one is going to pop USED hand warmers into their gloves.  I too hate to waste hand warmers  so I tuck them under my sweater, onto my shoulders, and get a little neck/shoulder massage!  I warned you it is the little things with me.

I met Jim,  Chip and Tom at 1 pm to take some runs.  With the snow falling all day the strategy was to go out in the afternoon and find some powder.  We started on Cascade to High Traverse to One More Time.  Tom and I bailed out onto Snowdance and hit skiers right, hugging the tree line - FANTASTIC.  

Our second ride up the Bluebird was with snowboarders, Mike and Jamie and Ambassador Ken.  We had a great ride up - chatting the whole way.  Mike is from Long Island and bought a second home up here - a "real" ski house that he and his friends went in on.  Jamie is a teacher and talked shop (marketing) with our marketing director, Jim.  They had read my blog before (that always makes me happy) so we snapped a shot so they could be featured in my next blog.

Our new bubble friends Mike and Jamie - very friendly folks!

By now Chip was starving so he headed into the Bull Wheel and we grabbed another run on Chute.  Mike and Jamie blew by us - good snowboarders!  I took skiers left and it was even better than Snowdance...if it can get better.  I expected powder on ice in a few spots and not a speck   - just carveable snow, through and through.

On our trip up the North Face the snow was really coming down, insuring the rest of the day would be even better.

We joined Chip at the Bull Wheel and since we couldn't just sit there and let him eat alone, ordered a little something, too.  Remember, second lunch is acceptable when you are skiing because you are burning off the calories.

Hint...stop by the Bull Wheel after 1:30 pm. Better chance of getting a table.

With a full belly we decided to get back to the office.  We skied Shoot Out because it was groomed last night.  It really felt like 5" of new snow.  We took a bunch of cut-throughs and zig-zagged our way back to the base where we agreed to squeeze in one more run.

Our final route was Upper Exhibition (skiers right) to Tramline, to Ego (skiers left), popped back onto Exhibition and then took that short, uphill, skinny trail that leads to the top of Charlies Chase - what is that trail called?  I call it Sap Tapper.  We really should name it this summer.    We got to the bottom and were thinking about one more but it was 3:30 pm and my dad always told me to quit early.  True story.  My dad always told me that most people get injured at the end of the day when they are tired out.  He lectured me every time he would drop me off in front of Pat's Peak .  "Kelly, instead of saying one more run you should say that's enough."  Back then I didn't listen to him much but now I find myself passing on his wisdom to my own children (lucky them.)

So that is about 250 words more than I am supposed to use on a blog.  But it really was a day I wanted to share with you.  I hope you come visit soon and get some of this "mountain feel good" for yourself!

p.s.  1-3" of snow in the forecast for tomorrow, too!

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