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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Summer in the mountains - photo by Genie Bent

Chuck is a snowmaker but we caught him playing his guitar at the Wardsboro parade.

Wardsboro 4th of July Parade - Mount Snow float

Dave is ski patrol in the winter and chief of balloons, when we can rope him into it!

One of the beautiful summer sunsets.


Tough Mudder - our rescue staff all smiles after a long day.


Somehow Brendan managed to find the wedding ring that one Tough Mudder lost at Funky Monkey


Aaron painting the Challenger Triple


Beerfest clean up crew gets a well deserved break.

At a staff party Sue demonstrates the proper way to win a Stein Holding Contest.

We make the new guys wear leiderhosen - ha!!


Another new guy.


And a seasoned snowmaker.


Make A Wish golf tourney


Signs of winter.


This is what a group of Ambassadors look like without their green jackets!



The start of the season had a few struggles and snow makers become heroes.

Colin making me one of those famous Carinthia wraps.

Deidre smiling even in the thick of hiring season.


Morning instructions by the Training Center coaches.


Tommy at work after one of the storms.


The end of January and even the Ski and Snowboard pros are waiting for that big storm!


Snowmaking on South Bowl

We will remember this winter as a bit cold

Freestyle team posing in the Gulch

Everyone wants to work in Bag Check!!!


Shirley Temples for the kids table.

Staff holiday party


At parties in VT, the grand prize winner takes home a chain saw!


Say hello to Andy. I mean Wally. Or is it Andy?

Jan 25 Ripcord opens and Kevin gets first tracks!


Working the grill for our passholder weenie roast.


February brought snow

And trails like Illusion became favorites.

It was snowtime - day after day.

You know it is deep when you have to shovel your roofs.

PJ and Bernie on Ridge




Deb all signed up for the Phat Cat Challenge - and she walks away with 3rd!!

Enough snow for some art at the base of Heavy Metal.

And Patrol looks so unhappy that they will have to ski all this fresh powder.

So much snow we got sick of cleaning off our cars.

So much snow that Thorin was having difficulty getting a waffle.

And as much as February was our snow month, March served up some ice.

March 31 Chris de-icing the Bluebird. Hats off to our lift mechanics.


Our snowmakers were a big help pushing bubbles - yup, it is hard work!


Closing weekend - our Ambassadors otherwise known as the Summit Welcome Wagon.

This blog is dedicated to the folks that keep this resort ticking, day and night.  I only wish I had a photo of each and everyone one of you.  Thank you.  Once again, you make me proud to be part of the Mount Snow family.


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