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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2.4.14  I am ready for a weather pattern change and I am thinking that February could be our snow storm month.  Our reliable, yet conservative meteorologist is saying Mount Snow will get 9-13", later this evening and into Wednesday. And there is already talk of something Sunday/Monday.

I will leave you with our most recent THE LIFT, e-newsletter, where Dave Meeker sums up the hopeful month of February.

The Lift

Let’s do a little historical snowfall lesson as we look forward to welcoming in the month of February, shall we? On average, February is our snowiest month of the year. A stat that is pretty cool because, as you know, it is also the shortest month on the calendar with only 28 days. Over the last five years we’ve averaged 42 inches of snow in February, and that is taking into account the dismal total of 12 inches that fell in 2012. Last season, our total accumulation through January was 65 inches. This season, our total snow accumulation thus far comes in at 87 inches. Why do I bring that up? Because last season was freaking awesome. We wound up with 177 inches of natural snow by the time we closed on April 21. That means from February on we got another 112 inches of the goods…and we had almost two feet less natural snow as we’ve gotten so far this season. I’ll never claim to be a weather expert nor a mathematician, but these numbers all add up to one thing: The best is yet to come.

Thinking snow,


And if you don't believe that, believe in the groundhog, who saw her shadow on Sunday and says 6 more weeks of winter!  Happy Snow Day!

Wednesday snowstorm update:  10 am and I just came in from the hill.  Natural trails are popping open.  I skied Uncles, Ridge (first tracks - pinch me), Timbers, Thanks Walt, Beartrap and Long John.  We reported 4" at 7 am but I have to tell you it feels like 6-8 up top.  I did not snap photos because the entire marketing team kept passing me, hooting and hollering.  They will have all the evidence you need to make the decision to point your car towards Mount Snow.  I believe in groundhogs (please sing that to the tune of "I believe in miracles." )
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