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Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays everyone.  My daughter comes home from school tonight so I am pretty excited to have my holiday enthusiast by my side.  The men in the household make believe they don't care but would probably be disappointed if we weren't flitting about decorating and creating massive electrical hazards.

Whatever your tradition, I hope you can squeeze Mount Snow into your plans this year.  And to make your ski trip as merry as possible, here are my insider tips for the next 12 Days of Christmas!

Midnight Express at the Cupola (located on Route 100 right next to the Silo.)  Every Friday night from 4 pm to Midnight you can shop for your gear and pick up your lift tickets, rentals and lessons.

Starting this evening, ZooHoo's (the mobile version of Wahoo's) will be serving up their delicious fare.  Here's their schedule:  11 am to 12 midnight Fridays and Saturdays and 11 am to close for the holiday midweek.  They are in the Cupola parking lot.

Next Day Ticket Sales  Open from 3:30 – 5pm every day 12/26 - 12/30 stop by the Season Pass Office located in the Clocktower Building to purchase lift tickets for the next day.

Sundance Lodge  Please note it is  CLOSED Mo – We, 12/23-25.  On Christmas Day, it will be open for restrooms only. Starting 12/26 it will be open daily through Jan 1. The Tumbleweed lift is now open daily through the season.  Our Group Sales office does not have a lot of busses coming in over the holiday so the Sundance Lodge it is an excellent spot to park or to stop for lunch or a beer  - less crowds.

Welcome to the Sundance Base Lodge

My favorite travel routes on the mountain

Everyone loves the Bluebird Express for its comfort and access to the summit but if you want to make great use of the mountain you may want to consider a few of these ideas.  Please note that the trails listed below are green circle, blue square and black diamond - pick those that best match your ability:

Ski the Bluebird first thing in the morning, before it gets busy.  As soon as it gets busy (9:30 - 11:30) ski around.
From the summit I will drop into Sunbrook (Thanks Walt) and if I like the grooming on that trail I ride the Sunbrook quad, ski Thanks Walt again and then hop on the Beartrap Double to get up and out of Sunbrook.

Thanks Walt


At the top of Beartrap ski down the little trail and this places you on Long John.  Take a right and you are at the top of Carinthia.  If you are cold I suggest skiing down Long John and taking a right down Cooper's Junction and then stopping in the Sundance Lodge for a cocoa.  Cozy up to my favorite fireplace on the mountain.

When you leave Sundance you will take the Tumbleweed.  When I get off that lift I like to go to the left and head to Carinthia viaSweet Sixteeen or Season Pass.

At Carinthia I ride the Nitro Express if there aren't lines because it gives you a fantastic view of the Nitro Park.  I don't hit any features but I love to watch others.  Another alternative is the Heavy Metal lift (in the trees, very protected) which takes you to the top of the Gulch, Inferno and Prospector.   If you don't want a park, Inferno is still an open slope with zero features.

After a few runs at Carinthia I head back to the base area for a few more laps to the summit.  I ride the Grand Summit Express because the Bluebird is usually quite busy by this point.  Another lift to try, especially on a powder day, is the Sundance Triple.  I like it when trails like Hop and Shoot Out are open.  It is an upper mountain lift and allows for upper mountain laps on natural snow trails.

Another lift worth taking a few laps on is Ego Alley Triple.  You catch it in the Main Base Area and it accesses intermediate terrain.  The runs are short but there are several ways down if you think about it.  And if you are a tree skier, at the very top of Ego Alley (skier's right) you can jump into a nice section of glades.

When I am done lapping the main mountain and the sun is up higher I head to the North Face (if you are intermediate, substitute Sunbrook here.)  Here's how I like to do it.  From the summit, I ski down Cascade and take a sharp left onto High Traverse.  This brings you to the top of the Canyon Express.  Take a left down River Run to the bottom of the North Face.  I like this route because it allows me to see it before I ski it (the lift goes right over the trail.)  But if you don't want to waste a chairlift ride, hit the North Face from the summit.  If you ski the North Face in late morning to noon, you will get the sun on the trails.  If it is a sunny day!!

Favorite little trails that are less populated:  Drop, Fool's Gold, Roller Coaster, Deer Run, Ego Alley, Narrow Gauge.

Most important tip...Eat Early, Eat high noon.

Tubing  A great activity to do during the day or apres ski.  The tubing hill is located in front of Mount Snow Sports at the Grand (the north end of the Grand Summit Hotel.)  I like tubing because just about anyone can do it.  Even a chicken like me can do it.  A few important things to remember.  Ski boots are not allowed.  Children who are not old enough to ride in a tube alone are not permitted (no sitting on your parents lap.)  Screaming "Weeeee" like the little pig on a Geico commercial is permitted!  More details can be found here:

Sessions are 1 1/2 hours and here is the schedule:

12/21/13 thru 12/25/13 -  10am - 5pm
12/26/13 thru 12/31/13 -  10am - 6pm
1/1/14   - 10am - 5pm

Torchlight Parade and Fireworks are on Sunday the 29th at 5:30 pm.  The best place to view them is in the base area.  Our ski and snowboard pros make up the torchlight parade and come down the Canyon trail.  Yes, Sweet Stash, 1900 Burger, Tap Room and Cuzzin's will be open.  See the next tip for a good thing to do after the fireworks.

Snow Barn Apres Ski Pizza!  On your way back to the condo and trying to figure out what to feed the kids?  I like to head to the Snow Barn on my way home and order a few pizzas and while I wait for them I relax with a nice end-of-day brew.  Their pizza is fantastic - you will love the sesame/salt crust.

What are your ski trip ski tips?  Or are they too secret to share?
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