Kelly's Blog: Hello Winter!

Friday, March 15, 2013

I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed last weekend's Spring tease.  I pulled out the sunscreen,  sunglasses and my lightest layer (and was still over dressed!)  But with my business hat on, I have to say that the mid-winter weather that is visting our valley has many attributes to keep skiers and riders happy.  Most importantly, temps in the teens and 20's at night and 20-30's during the day ensures zero snow melt.  And flurries (squalls) that drop an inch or two without warning provide a nice refresh.

Hopefully, you read my last 3 blogs where I reported on a storm every midweek....just in time for the weekend.  Dare I say, that trend is setting up for next week?  I have my eye on a Tuesday storm,  Over four feet of snow since mid-February has been an absolute treat.  I don't want to be greedy but I would like to add a foot for good measure.

I'll admit, I have a touch of spring fever but I know those warm, corn-skiing days are just around the corner.  In the meantime I am embracing the cold, hitting my favorite groomers and pulling my big jacket out for the weekend.

To answer a few questions that may be on your mind:

Q:  Did you winch/groom the bump runs?

A:  No, because they can still be skied (firm but able to set an edge) and we feel waiting is best because snow in the forecast (tonight, Sat and Tues) will refresh them.  Fingers crossed.

Q:  Will you groom any naturals?

A:  We have already groomed trails like Overbrook and One More Time.  If the trails still has good snow coverage we can put a grooming machine on it.  But a trail like Big Dipper lost snow on the pitch so we are unable to groom it.

Q:  What will be groomed on the North Face?

A:  Tonight we are grooming Chute, Timbers and Plummet.

Q:  Is the tubing hill still open?

A:  Yes, last weekend for the tubing hill.  And we rebuilt the lanes this week so you should get your last runs of the season in.  The tubing hill will be converted into our Duct Tape Derby venue for the Reggaefest Weekend!  Can't wait!!

Q:  Should I wear green on Sunday?

A:  Absolutely, everyone is Irish at Mount Snow on Sunday.  Get lucky and find the pot of gold and your 2014 season pass is on us!!

Here's a few pics of the hill.

Dennis, our Snow Surface Mgr, told me they groomed One More Time and Overbrook. So I went to Overbrook first and was pleased - this pic taken from the whale.

Ridge was sweet! The skiing today was fast and easy. A nice break for my legs after all the natural trail runs last weekend.


First tracks was sugary in some spots and set up on other trails - depending on when they groomed.


Beautiful views this morn!

Our snow reporter, Andy snapped this shot. Thanks Andy!

It is safe to say that this groundhog saw her shadow and we are in for some more winter - button up and enjoy!






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