Kelly's Blog: Great Deals on Sunday, Feb 3

Monday, January 28, 2013

I hear you when you say that skiing and riding is expensive.  It is.  But some things are well worth the cost.

When I think about all the things I do for recreation and the cost, skiing is a pretty good value.  Yes, there are activities that are relatively inexpensive but high on the kayaking.  There was the initial investment of the kayak, paddle and vest but since then, it is pretty much free.  I like recreation that gives me a work out, has an adventurous element and good scenery.  Kayaking has all that but is not as social as skiing.  Let's face it, after a day on the water, I don't paddle up to a shoreline bar with Bruce Jacques rockin' the Madonna bra (hmmm - idea forming.)

When you think about all of the operations behind a day on the slopes, it is quite impressive.  From cleared parking lots to snowmaking, grooming, ski patrol and lifts, there is significant infrastucture that has to be in place to provide a safe and fun ski day.  So it is easy for me to say that skiing is a good value, because I can see the cost of providing it.  But I am sensitive to the affordability side and like to share great deals whenever we have one.

This weekend I think there is a big football game or something being played on Sunday and in it's honor we put together a few deals to help you get some excercise before you dive head-first into that 7-layer dip!  Here's the deals:

$99 2-day Super Sunday Plus ticket – valid Sunday Feb 3 and Monday Feb 4
$59 Super Morning Ticket – valid Sunday Feb 3 from 8 am til 12:30pm
$25 I Hate Football Ticket – Sunday afternoon 12 noon to 4 pm
All deals available at the ticket window. No price changes for Youth/Senior.

And you don't have to hate football to buy the $25 ticket - it just sounded good.  I'm not all that interested in football but I'll be on the couch with my adult beverage and cheese-dripping, carb-loaded snacks, rating the commercials and falling asleep by half-time!

For more deals, click here.  Deal or no deal, a day on the hill with good family and friends is worth saving up for.

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