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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Today I went out to squeeze a few runs in before a meeting and it ended up being one of those days that just makes you happy.  My first run was Cascade/Canyon - the top was a little skied off and the rest was just beautiful, carvy snow.  At the bottom I met up with Sarah (friend and co-worker) and then I spotted Tony.  Yes, Tony from Tony's pizza.  I saw him getting his pass the other day and told him I wanted to ski with him but I didn't think I would see him this soon.   Tony hasn't skied in 8 or 9 years so he made my day!!  Can you pick out Tony doing a little marketing for his pizza while he skied?

Marty in red.  Springfield, MA guy helping with the photo op! Marty in red. Springfield, MA guy helping with the photo op!


Tony was finished for the day but his friend, Marty, joined Sarah and I and we had a great discussion about our kids on the ride up.  The sun was sporting her high beams and it felt like an "out west" sort of day.  Oh, and the guns were making lots of snow on Exhibition/Canyon!!!

We skied Little John to Ridge and the snowmakers did a great job fixing up Little John.  Ridge was extremely edgeable, even with my butter-knife-dull skis.  There were a few cookies but Sarah said they made the trail interesting - this girl must eat rainbows for breakfast - talk about good mood!

Marty split off to catch up with Tony and Sarah and I headed over to Carinthia.  We took a run on Mineshaft to Gulch and I followed Sarah.  Wow, she can ski!!  Maybe if I keep following her I can pick up some of her style!  Mineshaft was so good we decided to do it again.  Gulch was also very good too - they were making snow on Gulch, Mineshaft and Nitro.

Mineshaft # 2 Sarah flew by me after the flats and we hiked out to Long John so I could head in to my meeting and Sarah could take another run to the summit.  Good snow (thanks snowmakers), good people, good day!

p.s.  making snow on River Run and Freefall too.  Thought you should know!

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