Kelly's Blog: Girl Talk

Friday, January 17, 2014

As a woman running a ski resort, from time to time, people ask me if it is hard fitting into an industry predominantly run by males.  My reply has always been, “no.”  At times my job is hard but not because I am a woman.  I've grown up (started here straight out of college) at Mount Snow and worked my way up to my current position.  If I was passed up for a position, I am pretty sure I was not ready for it.  Sometimes I wish I were a man when I could use a little more physical strength.  But whatever I lack in strength I try to make up for in stamina – cause you know the tortoise wins the race!

So as we welcome thousands of skiers and riders to our slopes for Martin Luther King Jr weekend, I am grateful that I was raised in a time when so many barriers have been knocked down and strides towards equality have been plentiful.  It saddens me that so many have been less fortunate and many more will struggle through the ignorance of discrimination.  I contribute much of my success to the attitude of skiers who tend to be more progressive, optimistic and generally “in-touch” creatures.  I am sure my road would have been a bit more bumpy had I chosen another career path.  Let’s just say that the sport of skiing has many hidden benefits.

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