Kelly's Blog: Get Your 'Tush' Up Here!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I am not a hard-sell kind of gal but I have been told that I am a bit opinionated so I have decided to share that opinion with you.  If you have been hemming and hawing about hitting the slopes this winter, NOW IS THE TIME!  Mother Nature has her snow hat on this week so that means we are going to get a daily refresh and a possible D-U-M-P Saturday into Sunday.  If you still need some persuading, here's some pics from my morning rounds.  And did I mention we received 4-5 inches overnight??

Not only was the skiing fabulous but the scenery is picture perfect!

Favorite trail of the day - One More Time. Pow to the top of my boots.

This guy was hootin' and hollerin' all the way down!

Trees off Uncles.

Uncles was already tracked up and skied off in places but the outer edges were still good.


My time on the hill today was a strong 10!  My only regret is that I had to come inside.  I have a really good feeling about the rest of this season and it can be summed up with my favorite four letter word....SNOW.  Thank you Mother Nature - today made me smile.





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