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Thursday, February 7, 2013

I am ready, armed with my yardstick, to give you updates on the progress of this storm.  Snow totals are all over the place but one of my favorite meteorologists put Mount Snow in the 12-24" dark blue zone.  That left me happier than a witch in a broom factory (Sorry for the rip off GEICO - love that commercial) and spilling coffee all over my lap.

Kevin Skarupa puts us in the 1-2 ft zone!

Southern storms always bring out my competitive side.  Every once in a while I take pleasure in knowing that certain northern ski areas (cough, cough) will check out Mount Snow's storm totals and drool.  This is Mount Snow's storm and instead of feeling green with envy, I'll be making laps on the North Face with the white, fluffy stuff in my wake.  Yup, with  the cold front upon us, forecasters are calling for light, fly-away snow.  Can life be any better?

In the meantime we will enjoy the calm before the storm.  A perfect bluebird Thursday.  Speaking of Thursday, if your kids are blessed with a Snow Day tomorrow, I hope you are heading up tonight?  I know some of you are!

Stay tuned, I will post pics here once the storm begins.

Friday 7:20 am.  A little snowshoeing this morning and the valley is already wrapped in a low cloud, fog.

Friday 9:30 am.  I am off today so I will have to report snow accumulations from my home.  Should be pretty close to what the base area is receiving as we are about the same elevation.  I have two measuring spots on the front and back of my house.  This is my snow drift safeguard.

Measurement location #1 - front deck. Light snow - dusting.


Measurement location #2 - back garden.

They say a watched pot never boils and that is how I feel with this storm.  I know it doesn't intensify until this evening but I have the day off and I was looking forward to watching it pile up.  At 1:30 pm we have finally made it to 1" and wind is gusting from time to time.

Checking in at 4:36 pm.  Finally made the 2" mark.  Currently snow is coming down  steady and the wind has picked up.  MA and CT have a travel ban???  How many skiers and riders will ignore that?  Not that I would ever ignore a travel ban.

6:35 pm - almost 6".  That is almost 4" in 2 hours or 2 " an hour.  At that rate we could have another 22" by  5:30 am.  Pinch me!!!


9:18 pm and we are little over 9".  We are at about 1" an hour.

5:30 am on Saturday - 16 inches.  That is about 7 inches over night.

It was so beautiful driving into work this morning.  Or should I say having my husband drive me in because my car couldn't make it.


Before we can have fun on the hill, there is lots of snow removal!  Thanks to our Road Crew, maintenance staff and lift operators who were in VERY early to start the task.

All the magic carpets have to be shoveled out too!

I would highly recommend you check out our Snow Reporter, Andy's, quick edit from skiing this morning.  (middle of the home page)  See you on the slopes tomorrow!
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