Kelly's Blog: Duct Tape Derby

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Once again, YOU amazed us with the sliders you are able to invent with duct tape, card board, zip ties and paint.  Add to that some over-the-top costumes and team spirit and we had a whole lot of fun in the fog and drizzle.  Thanks - you all are podium material.

Two fantastic kids entries and certainly the most colorful!

Loved these guys - who stood while sliding, complete with binoculars and harpoon.

Raising these kids right! Great job on your homemade puck head pieces.

Snow Camp serving up one of their famous cookies.

The Codfather, complete with fishing rod and hooked fish.

Winner for kids entry - Maybe I should have locked the door. Superb job capturing all the details.

Team Spirit award (if we had one) would of gone to these ladies. Yes, those are duct tape bikinis!

Furthest slide goes to the Ghost Buster rig. They must have a secret recipe because they won best slider last year.

Goofy's Gang!

Another team with a whole lotta spirit! In this photo they are singing (poorly) and dancing to the judges!

Winner of Most Creative - Jolly Rancher. The detail was incredible. All of the wood grain was hand drawn on the cardboard and the cardboard accessories were works of art.

The girls in Once Upon A Time had the greatest smiles on the hill!

Judges Choice went to Mount Snow Minion Rush. Here they are preparing for the race. They we so well put together - they really did not miss a trick. Yes, those costumes are primarily duct tape and cardboard.

Our staff had a pretty good time watching!

These young men and their Snoopy dog house went pretty darn fast!

The SS Snow tug boat took over 4 rolls of duct tape to complete. Great job ladies!

This is one of my personal favorites - the theme is tip to toe!

Another one of my favorites, the Toast Coaster. It took these girls over 3 weeks after school to build. I know, the guy in the middle is a little creepy!

These sisters used everything they could find to build their sled including all the tin foil and take out dinner trays!

The three boys were walking around like zombies, keeping with the theme of their sled, Zombie Patrol!

I think this sled was named the Pink Pig and each pig had her own name, including Pig-ilicious.


All the winners gather for a team photo. Well done!
















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