Kelly's Blog: Duct Tape Derby Pics

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thanks for another year of super-tough judging.  Your creations amazed me!!  Here's the pics I was able take.  I couldn't get them all but here is a good sample.


The Black Pearl came very close to walking away with a trophy. I loved this ship.

Last entry of the day - the Moby Richard had awesome team spirit!

Alien Ab-duct-tion won most creative. I could swear that was a real alien!

Mista Boat told us they almost missed the boat. They built their sled last night at midnight.

The Tundra pulling the space shuttle Endeavor was a riot! Very creative.

Melissa and Rick must be very proud of the boys, who built this Reggae inspired cake.

Another favorite of mine is the Grand Summit Stage Coach. These girls told me they started building in December - great work ladies!

The Flintstones was a popular theme. Wilma's necklace is a string of styrofoam balls - great idea.

Undead - a somber group!




Here's a young man who knows how to keep things simple. Nice style.

The costumes on this Viking ship were hilarious, giving a whole new meaning to the brown bath mat.

Employee Trophy goes to Josh and Miranda with his pizza wedge - yes, a reference to teaching how to ski.

The M&M girls were giving out samples. Thanks ladies!

Best Kids creation went to Metamorphosis - their sled was a caterpillar and they emerged as butterflies.

The Devil Dogs took on the Angel soft Angels and guess who won?

Judge's Pick went to the Flintstones - this picture does not do their float justice. The detail was remarkable and the costumes were perfect.

I didn't snap a picture in time (they were too speedy) but the best slide went to Swamp People.  They hit the B-net....well done!












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